Dodge and stagger

for me a big problem is that someone with heavy armor is going at you, and you are in light armor, your objective is to dodge the enemy’s attacks and hit their attacks, but here comes the problem, what’s the use of dodging of an attack if the enemy will keep pressing left mouse button giving you non-stop basic attack. And another one I am in favor of the return of “stagger” but only in single target damage skill, so you can have a dynamic to deflect someone’s combo and you can try to combo someone yourself. because it’s really bad you use the rapier flurry skill for example you hit the first of the 5 attacks because the rest the guy dodged very calmly, because the stagger comes only at the end, I think it should have every hit of the 5 for example making you able to use it and still continue with another skill or basic attack. What I’m trying to say is that if you use a “sigle target” skill that deals damage like (blast, jab, arrow with your continuous attack, there are many options I won’t name them all but I think I understand), you can stagger the enemy if it hits what do you think?

Leave your opinions on this.

Ranged in armor always win vs melee in medium or heavy… or 90% of the time.

Siema ,kiedy zostana zakonczone prace konserwacyjne na EU-karkar?

A lot of the time I don’t even stagger people with the 5th strike. I’m thinking of dropping that skill.

so that’s when you manage to hit the last hit on the enemy, right?

sorry I didn’t understand what you meant

Light dodge roll all the time, and you win.

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