Dodge animation cancel is a bug and will be removed

  • By swapping weapons mid-roll, players avoid sprint delay after roll ends

From Known Issues – December Monthly Release/Winter Convergence (1.2)

This means at some point the standing time after a roll will not be cancellable to ensure fluid movement. I always thought this was a feature and not a bug… combat is about to get even more clunky.


They shold just remove the “slow” you get at the end of the roll. It’s silly, and we already have stamina as resource to limit the movement. I really hope they’ll do that.


NW forcing everything to be clunky, and for what


its accidentally good for the game.

keep it rolling


looks more like Luxendra doesnt read and simply copy paste reports from the board


Tbh it’s smooth and without it the game feels very off what’s the point of a dodge roll when you stand still after. Light armour really should have better movement to effectively kite


Cool, I’ve always thought being blown up easily in light armor in one or two hits was too much easy mode for me.


Can you elaborate?

someone reports > she copies the text and put`s it in the List.

They said dodge animation cancel is intended and will not be removed. Thanx bye


Did AGs ever made it clear that animation cancelling just from swapping/sheating weapon was a feature?

I understand that dodging out of an ability’s animation make sense as it costs you a dodge/stamina. However there is zero drawback to using sheating to cancel a dodge animation and it seems most people have it on macro anyway.

The more clunky the mechanics, the lower the skill-ceiling.

Low skill-ceilings make everyone feel competitive.


Can I have a source for that?

If anyone thinks that being able to swap weapons half way through a dodge, to cancel the awful pause every anim has at the end, is intentional, then you are delusional. No one in their right mind would purposefully design combat/movement this way… :smiley:


I don’t think anyone in their right minds would design combat the way it is now in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

War Meta now is basically just spam perma CC to the point where you aren’t even sure if the game crashed. Dodge and roll animation cancelling, abusing the silly dodge mechanic as a healer to skip full heal skip all day long.

I really hope the february balance and bug month is going to clean a lot of this up

I feel there’s something tied in to the spaghetti code that makes movement so janky. Everything from jumping, falling down a 2cm rock, swinging a weapon, etc slows you down unnaturally. It feels horrible. Half of the melee issues in this game with floaty combat and unhits / ghost hits is because of the stupid, janky movement and stuttering that occur after every single character action.


I feel like the animation skip of this move makes it so medium and heavy armor can never catch the light armor wearer. They just run around rolling and avoiding combat.

Even though I sometimes use the animation cancel, it feels a little unbalanced for PvP combat.

Animation canceling shouldn’t be in the game. The combat should be balanced without having to use it.


By “they” you mean light armor players right?

Looks like a much needed fix to me.

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Working as intended. Thanks. Bye.

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