Dodge animation cancel is a bug and will be removed

So combat about to become even more clunky . cool . This stuck in animation fiesta + their new buffering of abilities is just gona be to much " fun " for me i think


Does not fix the problem caused by stagger(hit-stun) removal, but it’s a start.

At least this way it’ll be faster to move holding W rather than dodging. The way it should be.

A good fix overall.

have you tried swimming in this game?

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Exactly man. Its so stupid they want the game to feel even more clunkier. Like good lord. Why is there a pause after dodging? Doesnt that kind of… idk… negate the whole freakin dodge if it roots you for a second after using it?


Good fix, in their early game development they did say they don’t want animation cancellation to be part of their game. Time to do what they say.
With all the melee nerfs this is welcome, would love to see how it will affect the combat especially with all the annoying range kite players, who are probably the only ones that will defend this.


I know, tanky melees in heavy armor think they should be able to catch light armor players and 3 click them. The nerve of them actually having a tool in their kit that evens the playing field. The nerve I tell you!


So everyone using it is exploiting a bug.
@Luxendra Either announce that it is okay to use until fixed, or start issuing bans. Make sure everyone is on a level playing field by communicating clearly.

Everyone has been using it without bans. I would say you are safe until they fix it.

I think this will help specially against this issue, ranged will need to time their dodges.
If they dodge for the sake of dodging or if we as melee fake our attacks to bait their dodge, this means we will close the gap while they get this after dodge pause.

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Animation canceling is not intended. Otherwise there would be no animation in the first place, if you were meant to cancel it.

It’s an entry-level exploit that everyone does now since it’s been in the game so long.


“Thankx bye”…what are you…8 years old?

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if they actually fix this it will be the end haha - I’m waiting for them to fix the buffering on attacking before I come back I only log in for 2-15 minutes for my cooldowns and shopping / selling / crafting. In an ideal world they fix the animation so it’s more smooth and your character doesn’t stop in place really slowly after the roll giving prime time to be blasted by range or reaped lol

I don’t understand why dodging in this game is so clunky and why swing animations are so clunky.

It’s like they are trying to create another version of runescape.

They’re weird features and PiD and being kinda clunky is the charm of the game.

I’d argue in some cases animation canceling in games are never really intended but stay because it adds a layer of depth.

Ie Riven from league of legends.

Please read all of the rapier/great axe/ice/void/ skill descriptions before you post something like this. All have skills intended to break or shorten the duration of said skill for example.

Flurry : Enter a posed stance and unleash a series of five quick thrust attacks with each strike dealing more damage. Flurry can be dodge canceled at any time.

Shooter stance was also changed so you could dodge roll out of it and again that was intended.

There is a significant difference between using a animation for smooth game play and using it to get a edge. And there are a lot of animation in the game that are down right trash. Amazon was aware of the pause problem with dodge roll in beta and chose to not improve it. Just liek the chose to not improve the musket reload. The very idea that i have to stand there for 1-2 seconds after i fire a shot in a FORCED reload that i did not want instead of evading or using a health potion is beyond stupid.

And lets make something very clear. 10% damage bonus gained for light armor is not worth losing about 20% damage resistance gain by going even med armor.

Sorry, sarcasm?
My point is, Devs in early-stage of game development said no to Animation canceling. I see this as something they should have fixed a long time ago, and it would be interesting to see how combat will change due to this change…
Now if Devs want this to be part of the play, make it so without Animation canceling.

The skill ceiling is already so low that anyone over 5ft hits their head on it

I think theyjust need to get rid of the dumb pause at the end because it makse it feel clunky. get rid of the clunk.

Can’t wait to see these changes. Imma laugh at all the whiners that troll the forums with their lmb melee spam rederic. Bahahaha

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And I am on a side let’s see the change and how it will actually affect combat.
Maybe playing as melee won’t be as horrible as it is right now.
I get your point b.c it benefits you as a light user, but then let’s allow canceling animation of every other dodge, ability, and so on. Let everything ‘evens the playing field’