Dodge gives a significant distance boost?

While running with various groups I noticed that dodge forward roll granted a movement boost.

Specifically, running side by side with another player if they dodge rolled forward 3 to 4 times they were permanently ahead by around 10m.

Getting out of the way requires movement, of course. Dodge in light armor is supposed to grant that ability.

It just seems odd that it also grants the ability to gain significant distance over normal run speed. Again, it’s obvious it should be granting some distance. Anyone who argues against that is missing the point of the word, “dodge”.

The amount of distance just seems a bit of an overreach.

Was the person using a weapon that grants haste with roll, like the musket or bow?


Dodging with medium slow you down , dodging with light distance and evasiveness is crazy

Light set is fine.

Medium was OP for months and nobody complained.

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Light is fine I agree , but they need to rework med roll to make it better

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yes and yes

Dodging with medium is faster then running if you dodge cancel it.
In order to do so you have to dodge then LA then dodge again immediately. Takes some practice but is well worth it.

You can’t dodge cancel it with bow though

Hmm true you might not be able to with bow have not tried that

Dodging & Weapon swapping into Bow grants (assuming you’ve selected them) 2 speed buffs… Rapiers Evade grants a speed buff… type of armour you’re wearing only determines the animation/distance of your dodge, not the granting of these temporary buffs.

The clunkiness of Medium armor and the bow animation after dodge make it that you can’t use haste passive efficiently, just test it in light and med lol completely different worlds

That’s a good point. The only thing I observed was them tumbling next to me in a forward movement. If there were a weapon it was sheathed by the time they were roiling.

I don’t know the meaning of LA. Could you comment back and explain please?

The evasiveness seems integral to dodge. After all what you’re doing is evading an attacker.

The aspect that’s bothering me is the distance. That just seems unbalanced.

This is not to even suggest there doesn’t need to be some distance gained. However, it seems a bit faster and farther than a dodge should.

Perhaps distance isn’t the problem and the amount of dodge one can perform is really the issue.

And please note I am not asking for bonuses to heavy or medium. This is not a “nerf them!” and “buff me!” discussion.

Also, some context. I have played both heavy and light. Light for a longer period of time. The distance question didn’t occur to me until just recently while playing heavy.

I am a good pve player and quite a poor pvp’r. So on average I expect good or excellent players to evade me, survive, and quite likely to win. These questions are not based on having a decent k/d ratio. I don’t expect one.

They are based solely on an observation of the game mechanic.

LA= light attack. With the abilitiy to dodge in the middle of the LA animation now you can dodge cancel this way. And this actually ends up being faster than the old dodge cancel with weapon swapping

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Thanks for the explanation.

Is this then the actual issue?

Right lol all people have problems with things they dont use, not what they used

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I am a medium brusier with ga/wh and there is musket/bow player in light I can’t catch due the distance of the dodge and the haste. Even with charge, reap, g well, and bloodlust it is literally impossible to catch them.

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Light Armor’s dodge gives about 4.5m per activation.

The light dodge animation grants distance and invulnerability via animation. It doesn’t grant “haste” naturally, this is applied via weapon perks/weapon swap.

Nothing about the word “dodge” implies that you move some great amount of distance though – I agree with you here. Dodging is usually very nuanced, a short distance traveled very fast – it’s a twitch/flinch. People don’t use combat rolls to dodge, they’re used to reposition.

Even if one were to suggest that dodging is necessary to get out of an attack’s hit zone, the fact that all 3 dodges grant invulnerability nullifies the argument.

I agree with the OP, but to a greater extent I feel dodges should either grant distance or invulnerability – not both.

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I think the main issue people have is if you dont/cant cancel the medium dodge it is much slower and worse than it was previously. Especially since the main reason they changed the dodges was to make everything smoother without needing to cancel the dodge but some how medium became worse.

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We literally just want the old medium dodge back

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