Dodge roll immunity frames is broken

After the May Patch looks and feels like immunity frames on dodge roll is totally bugged. I very often get killed in roll. Here is an example (scrennshot), on next frame he is dead, this is a midle of the dodge…

Another example, this is a start of the roll, next frame - im dead. And there is alot of such examples


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Sorry for the slow reply, UnknowmMantra.

What is your server and your character name?

Server Dry Tree
Name Unknowm Mantra
But it is not a server problem

This sound abit crazy, but have you (AGS Team) do anything with my character?) After i answered here, and reloged in game, i lost access to all my skins and global chat (char under 72h…)?

Joke or old bug is back?

Hi there, UnknowmMantra.

So sorry for the late reply. That should NOT have happened at all :confused: .

Have you submitted a ticket regarding this?

this was fixed yday, it looks like was a global problem

You sure it’s fixed? Had the feeling I was dieing/taking damage while dodging too Al lot lately. Noticed it especially against spear (sweep is the abilityname I guess) usually it was pretty easy to dodged it but the last few days I’ve been knocked down while dodging through it

i mean fixed that i lost my skins and etc.

Glad to hear it was fixed, sorry for the slow reply!

So, here is time link for 1 of moments on screenshot, you can see, that a spear man was killed in dodge by my arrow, so am i was killed many times in dodge immunity frames here is another 1 video showing same problem

Thanks for the video! Every bit helps.