Dodging While Aiming Down Sights Reduces Your Dodge Distance

Dodge Distance is reduced by about 50% when ADS. Makes no sense, not sure how long this has been bugged.

Does not occur when using the Spear during the Javelin ADS animation, but dodge distance IS affected when aiming doing sights with Aimed Throw, Musket ADS, Bow ADS, and Blunderbuss ADS.

I suggest looking at some weird interaction between holding the Right Mouse Button per these weapons. Holding RMB to block with weapons does not shorten your dodge so as to react with the block, so this is certainly a bug with the ADS functionality and non-block RMB actions.

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I was gonna say that its probably the reduced speed while aiming has trickled into the dodge speed but sinse this happens when being slowed by an enemy and the dodge distance is reduced because of that I would consider that both the enemy slow mechanic and the taking aim with a ranged weapon are probably one and the same just with different speed values. So pressing the block button is effectively slowing you manually, so releasing the aim and dodging should theoretically negate that unless there has been a delayed affect that has been added to aiming/blocking with ranged weapons.

Whatever it is, it needs to be addressed and fixed. ADS is necessary for (Throwing) Hatchet, Musket, Bow, and Blunderbuss to perform in general, the experience is only made worse in PvP with you rooting yourself in place by accidentally ADS rolling (notwithstanding the dodge reduction you get by being hit by any melee… :roll_eyes:).

Needs attention still.

Deserves to be addressed. Waiting…