Does a BiS Type Blunderbuss Drop in an Expedition?

I tried looking this up but couldn’t find anything. With Blunderbuss now added, does an Expedition drop a good one like how expeditions drop great (BiS type) weapons? ie. Warhammer in Genesis, the Bow/Life Staff in Laz etc.

pirate’s piece from dynasty is kinda good, not bis though
got refreshing+ref move


From what I’ve been told the pirates piece is the only way a BB can get refreshing move. It also procs off each pellet which makes it super strong imo. Maybe not a true bis but still really good, ability’s are always off cool downs. I’ve also heard lazy drops a good BB but idk what the stats are.

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from an expedition looks like a fat no.

pirates piece the pp is probably the best from drops.

best perks you would want would be

keen emp, vicious. 3rd perk of your choice probably keen.

each pellet critting triggers emp so you can get max empowered really quickly.

a follow up shot is going to hurt a lot.

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trust,the most useful perk is enhance and keen emp.if you use refreshing move ,you may lost 20% primary attack damage

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Ahhh thank you for this. This is is awesome and very helpful! I appreciate it.

Thank you everyone else who responded. I hate Dynasty but sounds like a decent Blunderbuss drops so might have to do more of that place.

I’m going to say that right now pirates piece is probably the best one for PvE, and slayer is best for pvp as far as named drops go

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slayer? where is it drop?

Venturing claw shot/vicious/keen jagged

From leviathan

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man the game knows i want that slayer.

farmed it the other night after getting 600 bb.

would not drop me crap.

a company mate i was farming with got 2 of them at sub 590 lol.

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  • “Refreshing Move” was deemed overpowered on a blunderbuss. As such, faction-issued Blunderbusses and the “Troublemaker” and “Troublemaker 9000” now have “Refreshing” instead with “Pirate’s Piece (T5)” now having “Vicious” instead.

well then.

i still dont think the pp is all that bad with vicious. at least its functionally useful.

Oh it’s definitely still good

so no more ref move next patch? fukkkkk

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It’s always subject to change before live, but honestly it’s not a bad change lol.

Another few days of +2 for me. Im up to 583 now. Sigh.

Warhammer BiS in genesis ?

Blackguard’s hammer is BoS, but not genesis

Might want to re-read my post. I said a “Great” and in () said BiS TYPE. I never once said Genesis dropped THEE BiS one but drops a great one. It was also just an example of what I was looking for drop wise in an expedition to see what I needed to farm for the Blunderbuss.

its defo not bad.

vicious is 1/3 perks i was looking for anyway.

too bad it cant fit with enhanced.

il probably end up rolling some as more bb shards go up and reduce in price.

still thinking most ideal would be keen vicious keen emp. max emp on a followup shot is too good. vicious might be the worst one only because it doesnt work on the heads shots.

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You’re probably right about keen empowered for sure