Does AGS even look at bot reports?

I’ve read a lot of the bot threads and have pretty much the same experience described by others…

The same bots, in the same fishing spots, reported over and over again. Nothing happens.

And, at this point, I’m not sure what’s more frustrating…

  • The bots wiping out game content and impacting the economy

  • Lack of anti-botting enforcement by AGS

  • A creeping certainty every time I open the Report dialog box, that it’s just being ignored by the developers

AGS, does the report feature do anything other than give players the satisfaction that they’ve made a report? Are we being listened to?

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I’ve said MANY times to just have them shut there fucking servers down and fix their shit… Right now as it stands its a giant lose lose for everyone… devs seem like there severely understaffed, not able to fix “core” issues, bots/coin sellers going rampant/etc. Either A. they ADD in (not suggesting at this point, its more of me TELLING them to do so) game GM’s/Mods or they shut there shit down… and fix the issues… there losing more and MORE players by the day and unless they do something NOW NOW not (4 months down the road) there going going to have a player base at all…

There is a really simple solution to the bot issue, when we report a bot and the system auto blocks, block their sell orders on the trading post too. Starve the bots of gold and they’ll go away.

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