Does AGS plan on locking more servers?

Curious if they plan on locking more servers. Many people won’t get their tokens until up to the 22nd of February and many guilds have already been partially migrating to servers like Midgard and if these particular servers get locked, many guilds will be separated until whenever they’re unlocked. Please communicate so guilds can make the best decision when deciding which server to transfer to. gg


Yeah I think it’s possible which is why it was recommended to wait until everyone in your company has them to transfer at the same time instead of having this as a possible situation. I would think if they got to the point where it would lead to queue times or anything close to that they will do it. Can’t imagine it will be locked forever but it is a risk.

The issue is even though we don’t have a massive player base right now, everyone can’t move to the same server or it will create issues as well.



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