Does anyone actually craft tuning orbs? (Needs fix)

As of right now the only way I’ve seen corrupted silver/fragments etc. obtained is by taking out large corruption portals and monoliths.

Let’s break down the weight of the items needed to craft tuning orbs.

10 silver = 1 green
4 green = 1 blue
3 blue = 1 purple
2 purple = 1 orange

By this conversion, 1 orange = 240 silver. If we want to craft for example, a Genesis Tuning Orb we need 10 orange, or 2,400 silver.

From my experience so far an average loot from a major corruption cache is equal to about 20 silver from level 25/35 corruption. Hopefully 45/65 corruption award significantly more, but as of right now it’s looking like over 100 major corruption caches as a single component of crafting a single use tuning orb.

Please consider awarding corrupted silver from minor caches too and buff the amounts given - even a small buff here would be great for the game.

To craft the tuning orbs is completely overpriced imho… worst of all is, that some of the reagents you need to craft are souldbound and ofc. that the orbs themselves are soulbound too…

I don’t know what AGS has in mind there, because this way PvE is completely broken.


the biggest issue is that it takes an unsustainable level of grinding to get new orbs.

you really have to focus on it to get a level appropriate tuning orb at the cost of normal leveling.

so if you want to do an extra starstone run or w/e on top of your other 2 you’re more than likely just relying on other people getting their 2 instead of crafting another for yourself.

that’s not even mentioning how godawful the genesis/lazarus orbs are. you can craft them at 100/150 stonecutting but the materials required dont unlock untill level 200! and level 200 skills in this game are stupidly grindy.

like 1000 obsidian voidstone to get from 150-200…that’s 1000 loamy lodestone, and tens and hundreds of thousands of other basic materials.

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