Does anyone actually enjoy OPR?

Does anyone actually enjoy OPR? Or is it just a quick method to participate in group pvp? I personally am very bored with the game mode.

New world is sitting on an incredible open world environment and its pvp assets are sorely undeveloped. Could we at least have some clues as to what is in the pipeline? Honestly losing a reason to log in at this point… I love the game, the aesthetics, the class system - I’m finding it hard to keep doing the same pvp content over and over again though.


I enjoy the solo and group play of OPR, just Muskets doesn’t fit in NW combat and pretty much ruin most fights when they get involved!

OPR is the only replayable source of group PvP so it doesn’t give the players much of an option. Which makes me sad to see. The fact that cross-server has been delayed is now also used as an excuse to not develop new gamemodes.

Personally I have not played OPR in weeks. I’m silently protesting lack of PvP updates with my absense.


i log in looking for something “fun” to do, queue up OPR, end up having a positive KDR and doing “well”, then alt f4ing halfway through because its not actually fun anymore for a myriad of reasons culminating in a terrible experience with or without friends around to increase fun factor


well said to this

I enjoy opr as long as it’s not a blow out. So roughly 15% of the time

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Based on the interview I watched today with Katy and Dave, the understanding I got was they were focusing on more open world pvp changes to forts and various control points and that it’s not on the roadmap cause they can’t commit to a date on it, but it could just get added at anytime it’s ready. That and cross server opr.

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I used to. I would play OPR daily for hours. It was fun but unbalanced. I had hope things would improve over time, but they never did and games are still often 1000 to <500.

The reasons for lopsided games are obvious:

  1. unequal distribution of key builds (melee and healers) on each team. Melee and healers determine who wins OPR.
  2. pre-made groups vs non-pre-made groups
  3. Unequal skill level and/or gear scores between the two teams

#1 is the primary reason OPR matches are lopsided most of the time.

In addition to the bad team balancing, now people have flocked to bows/muskets and do dumb things like musket squads team-shooting people. I use the musket, but, wow, the stuff people have been doing is ridiculous. I get trolling once and awhile with some friends, but people seem to do every day for hours.

Anyway, the current PvP state of new world is horrible, and the lack of planned PvP improvements in discouraging.

I don’t think New World is worth playing as a PvP game anymore.


No, I don’t enjoy OPR anymore.

Even on my FSS we have known aimbot users that have been reported multiple times and nothing happens to them while they just que up all day. Now nobody on my server will even que.

So the 2 gypsum aren’t worth my mental health.

Usually 10% (at most) are fun games. Most are one sided beatdowns with one team camping oppponents respawn really fast
Theres no criteria apparently, they grab the first 40 and go, which is really stupid
There should be solo queue/team queue, Max X weapons of each type (say, 5 total per team), at least that
Plus New maps, modes…

Yeah I enjoy making people mad enough to send me hate messages saying aimbot or about sitting on the rocks or rant on global chat, pretty fun

Put it this way. If arena gave anything close to the rewards OPR did I would likely never que OPR again in it’s current state.


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I believe Leaderboards will spice up OPR and Arena. Seeing your name on top of the charts for all to see on A daily, weekly, monthly will do wonders. Just hope the rewards are worth it.

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Seeing your name on top of the charts for all to see on A daily, weekly, monthly will do wonders

You can already do that, just play musket or bow and shoot the zerg all the time, you will be first all the time

I don’t think any serious PvP player cares about leaderboards

Opr has been deteriorating since they buffed bow, people realised it was a lot easier to pad score with ranged auto attacks, as dmg and assist points are the highest contributers to scoring points.

One 2k hit someone with a musket or bow will land you 50 points on its own, catching a zone rewards 90. You do the math.

Why is open world pvp forgotten and destroyed… The open world pvp is so much fun.

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I enjoyed it at first because it was the first and only way to get constant pvp action.

But there is a reason they have to keep adding new maps and modes in all the top played PvP games out there.

AGS just has to decide if they have what it takes to make a pvp game or just give up and keep making dungeons.

Oh it will spice it up alright. There will be at least twice as many premades taking dumps on solo players and thinking they’re good for it while the solo players have to be ranked against premade pub stompers lol

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Don’t worry leaderboards won’t be here for at least 1 month.

This is what will happen.

Hopefully, AGS thinks ahead and tries to prevent it.

I’d be happy if they removed duos from 3v3 “solo” queues before the update.

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