Does anyone else feel

Like they could just be banned for something you didn’t do. I’ve seen some posts about people getting banned for no reason (i’m sure these people cheated and deserved it) but i can’t help but in the back of my mind think what if i accidentally ran into a bug, and then a bunch of people started abusing it, and then i was banned or something along those lines.

With so many bugs lately being abused, i kinda of feel like just playing the game, buying and selling at the trading post, could one day possibly just get me banned for exploiting. idk. My account just doesnt feel safe. thoughts?


Some peoples spam the global chat every few minutes with entire texsts of jewelries then they get mass reported by players and banned.

Such is life.

I feel the same, I noticed a bug fix recently with the hatchet ability feral rush being spamable with no CD in major cities. I ran into this bug once and clicked it a few times out of curiosity but thought nothing of it… now I’m low key worried :joy:

If I was doing something that broke the TOS I’d be really apprehensive, yes.

I don’t. So I’m not.

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i say this because i ran into a crafting bug yesterday where i didnt use my mats, it was only low level jewelry and nothing i exploited but still makes me wonder if they just throw me in that category of the ban wave and call it an easy fix lol. lets hope not.

Generally speaking, folks who are posting messages like, “I was just doing X and then I got banned for no reason” did in fact get banned for a reason.

It’s the same mentality of criminals who commit a crime, and three weeks later get picked up at a diner while just sitting there eating. “Why are you arresting me, I wasn’t doing anything”. You’re right, just then, you weren’t doing anything criminal, but that body we found three weeks ago with your prints all over the crime scene? Yeah, we know it was you.

AGS has some pretty extensive logs of a lot of game events so they can go back and find that foot print in the snow that cheaters don’t think they will find.

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I ran into a bug with the housing furniture and talked to cs because I was worried about a ban.

They passed on my info and let me know to place a feedback about it so they can look into it.

That’s what you should do if you encounter a bug. Because you’re making it clear it was a mistake and you’re not looking to exploit.

The problem is when you encounter the bug, then repeat it and keep it secret. Then you’re actually an offender.

I think I accidentally duped some food a while back, made something and then realised that I could make another when I was around 80% sure I could only make one to begin with but had the food + mats in my bag. Threw it onto the ground and didn’t make another craft until I relogged and reset my router :smiley:

Not really seeing I have seen this happen in countless mmo’s across countless companies.

Trust me 99% of all bans are warranted and do NOT let the cheater(s) tell you otherwise.

I wish they would make the exact reason public people got banned for like they do sometimes in other games.

This. If they gave exact reasons, showed logs of activities and specifics i would be less inclined to think otherwise

Can you cite some examples please?

You shouldn’t.
It depends on your country, but probably the chance to be attacked by corrupted/criminalized police is higher than being permabanned by Amazon accidentally. I mean, they always showing though all indicators that they’re trying to avoid bans for innocent players

Even think for a second about those 24h bans with which they started first ban waves. Just incredible

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