Does camp exploiters have been banned?

I don’t think they should be banned but suspended. However, with it fixed now it doesn’t matter and I wouldn’t push any suspensions/bans for those who did use it.

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So people could just use exploits (as defined by the AGS) and not be punished or anything just because we have low pop numbers? Then nobody would get banned for doing almost anything (except for racism and hate speeches). Why would be any different for duppers or grievers?

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Kinda tricky, I mean, so if a guy uses the next duppe and AGS fixes, they shouldn’t be punished just because it’s fixed then? I mean, both would be actively using an exploit wouldn’t they?

For something as trivial and silly as this, yes. Unless of course you want the game to lose more players.

Now that I think about it, that’s probably what you want in the first place.

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There’s no long term consequence or damage to any part of the game that’s caused by this so no other action needs to be done. Fix it and move on to more pressing matters.

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How about they just fix this simple, silly bug in few minutes instead of punishing players for devs incompetence? :thinking:

How about people that got banned/punished for killing the same boss multiple times in the same DG?

they did or at least that’s what they claimed.

Using an exploit is hardly the “devs incompetence”. Ok there’s exploits in the game (which happens more in some games than others), but using these exploits is a choice made by the player

You can’t compare that to randomly dropping tent on someone. The tent bug has no long term damage to the economy, player progression or anything. Killing the same boss gives access to easy items and experience which has long term consequence and gives those players a permanent advantage. Totally different.

Do you think a thief who steal a candy bar and a thief who steal $100,000 from a bank should be punished the same?

Please lets move on. It’s fixed already.


Do you think a thief who steal a candy bar and a thief who steal $100,000 from a bank should be punished the same?

isn’t the same, but it has consequences. In my server, the bigger faction simply locked the BW fort and anyone that tried to go to great cleave was put in a tent, so they monopolized the fastest pvpxp route for days without having to fight people that tried to go there and now they are well advanced in the pvp track

bigger faction will lock down anything in PvP situation because they’re the stronger faction. This is the result of faction design how is this have anything to do with the tent bug? Also everybody in great cleave is tenting each other doesn’t matter what faction it is. It’s impossible to lock down the whole region since a single player can’t drop multiple tents.
I play on one of the busiest server and it doesn’t happen here, not even close. Please don’t blow this out of proportion.

How about you need to be banned for trolling?

Not really, Only the faction that can hold the fort can use the exploit man. Idk how was in your server, but in my one specific faction was doing this (since they have the numbers).

I play on one of the busiest server and it doesn’t happen here, not even close.

Really glad that didn’t happens in your server, then probably no one got reported, i don’t see the problem for you then

How about you need to be banned for trolling?

You may not agree with me and that’s ok, but I’m not trolling and in addition it’s an acknowledged exploit by AGS, I’m not asking to ban people who look for items in chat (as already happened)

Should they be punished after the fix for the tent exploit? No. Should they have been banned before? No but suspended at least. Also there are different levels of where bans should be given out after a fix. Gold dupe/item dupe etc. absolutely should be banned even after the fix. A tent exploit that really doesn’t affect the game and is just annoying in open world pvp should that be a ban after a fix (or even during)? Nope.

Except it was not “random” – it was a DELIBERATE exploit.
You are just trying to downplay the consequences for people who were affected by making inappropriate comparisons.

Just because new measures are in place to prevent crime doesn’t mean previous crimes just “didn’t happen”.


While I see where you come from, and the suspension is a better approach than ban (I wasn’t specifically saying a perma ban, but I get why that may be confusing). However, the exploit affects the game, people that controlled the great cleave route using the exploit to ensure they had an advantage there, got way ahead of the rest in the pvpXP track while harming other players’ progress. I’d say that they had a bigger impact than the same boss DG exploit

Since launch AGS has been lax on banning cheaters and exploiters. They lost HUGE population because of it. Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums
Now that the population has been obliterated and still dropping, it looks like AGS still hasn’t learned their lesson.

I recommend to everyone who is waiting for exploiters to be banned: Don’t wait for AGS action. It’s probably not going to happen. Instead:

  • boycott PvP – go play a real PvP game with real PvP management, including banning cheaters and exploiters
  • downvote on Steam
  • review AGS on Steam as not taking action against cheaters and exploiters

@Aenwyn Kindly tell the devs to remove AGS from the Fair Play Alliance. They are obviously not upholding Fair Play at all and are an insult to every other member on that roster.
Members – Fair Play Alliance

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So it seems you and the other guy won’t be pvp-ing then.

I guess, that’s too bad? Or not, oh wait the rest of us don’t care.

The two sides of someone who can’t afford to lose any exploiter in the game because of the low pop, but doesn’t care to lose people that doesn’t think the same as him since the game has good pop. Go figure

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