Does Invasion Difficulty Scale with Town Rating?

Low pop server here, struggling with having to fight in invasions multiple times a day just to keep the server ticking over with T5 stations. We are the last one in the world set so not expecting a merge, but a question I have is regarding the relative difficulty of the invasions we’re facing.

We have a pretty decent community on our server, the dominant companies work together cross faction to make sure the map is balanced and have managed to pull together roughly 50 or 60 people across the factions who can fight effectively in invasions. With so much practice we are now winning, we won two yesterday and one today in Everfall, Restless and Windsward.

However, I would like to know, for the health of our server, if that is because we have been getting absolutely slapped by the corrupted over the past week and our settlements have been downgraded and therefore the difficulty scales down again?

I understand that the amount of downgrades we get on a loss is directly linked to how many upgrades the town has prior to the invasion, but I would like to understand if it also has an impact on relative difficulty