Does LUCK affect trophy drops?

Been farming the mobs taht drop the legendary trophy parts. Does luck affect this drop rate or no? Thanks for any help.

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as far as i know since who frickin knows in this ass backwards system.

luck does not affect you getting a bag

it only determines what’s in the bag.

edit: oh but for trophy mats from boss mobs… im not sure. i think iirc it was luck safe or some other nonsense that made it not effected by luck.

Only the devs know. One thing is for sure, you won’t notice a difference with or without luck.

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Yes it does…

I thought “lucksafe” ended up not meaning what people thought it meant. Like they thought it meant excluded from luck, but that wasn’t what it ending up meaning.

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Yeah luck safe ended up meaning that luck doesn’t impact that item as much as an item without luck safe. They said it was intended to prevent luck from making those drops too easy to get. Perhaps future proofing it as well. I believe it was described as a multiplier? So it makes luck only x% effective?

I remember reading an article that looked at the underlying code for elite chests, before we knew what luck safe was, and there are very few things that didn’t have luck safe. Void essence was one of those things. They used this to argue that luck doesn’t do anything and only increases your void essence drop rate. Now that we know luck safe is different than assumed, we know that it does help. Probably just not that much.

In the end it probably doesn’t hurt to run luck gear in some situations but people should really focus on functional gear for when it matters because luck doesn’t seem to have a significant impact on drops.

Look for the latest dev post on luck. It specifically says luck helps you get trophy drops

It does not increase the chance that you will get a drop… But if you do get a drop, it will help you get something higher on the rarity scale.

Why is luck valuable when killing mobs? Named/Bosses?

Luck is valuable when killing Named creatures and bosses as it increases the chances that you will receive Named loot as well as any rare materials and jewelry. Our item attributes (STR, CON, INT etc.) and perks (e.g. Keen, Refreshing Ward, Skinning Luck etc.) roll separately from the general chance to drop loot, and therefore, luck is not a factor in determining rarity of a non-named item. Players with high luck stats have a much better chance of earning exclusive rare drops, like Named Weapons and Trophy components.

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As I checked long time ago. You have only higher chance for legendary artifacts, but not higher chance for artifacts at all. One guy on yt said u have, I say different cuz when I did same test I got totally different results, but with full luck gear I got only more legendaries artifacts. Without luck I was finding them too, but mostly purple one. The greatest myth in this game is that lick increase chances to get item no its not only give u higher chances that items might be legendary. But now when u can just upgrade dungeon’s eq to legendary grade by shards imo is pointless to wear there luck gear.

If you have 50% luck the drop chance will increase from 0.003% to 0.0045%

Good luck to you Marauder.

That’s so depressing to see :confused:

The trophy drops are really TOO RARE. Been farming for days and no luck whatsoever.

Farming for Months my man, way to rare.

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