Does main story end after getting T5 staff?

I’m level 60 and just finished quest ‘The tempests heart’ and spoke with Yseult Meredith in Shattered Mountain and now my main quest in journal is empty and i’m not seeing any icons on map to continue it. The wiki says he is supposed to give a quest ’ In Soul, In Stone’. I’m just wondering if this is a bug or if more of the story is coming later also are the last 2 expeditions unrelated to the main story?

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I’m pretty sure it’s the stopping point for now. I admit I found it rather sudden myself.

Thanks, yes I thought it was rather anti-climactic and abrupt.

Genesis and Lazarus are both part of side questlines. I don’t remember exactly which ones but after finishing nearly everything in Great Cleave/Eden Grove you should have orbs and quests for both. Some in Shattered Mountain may also be required. I just remember doing a bunch of stuff in all 3 zones right before getting my orbs and quests for them.

Just the first part really. Congrats btw. If you go to the far north and south around cutless, you can actually generated land far off in the distance. I tried to get closer through the water but you die of course.

What this tells me however, is that there is more to come and they are probably pretty decently far along on that part of development.

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