Does melee need an “energy” bar similar to mana?

I think it does, otherwise let’s remove mana. What are everyone’s thoughts?

We would have to also have energy drinks like mana potions.

Mana system iself is already near pointless, I’d rather see mana removed as it serves no purpose at current state in game. Energy system would just make the game/combat feel more chunky.

The energy bar for melee is the stamina bar when hopping or rolling between attacks. Thankfully there are no drinks to instantly refill it.

The stamina bar is also used by magic users…just for dodging.

Agree, I’d rather see mana removed too.

Meleeing should consume stamina. Every other class has something to spend while they are damaging, ammo, mana only the melees can spam as much as they want.

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I’d like to see some sort of meter depletion for the melee users. Doesn’t really make sense that you can swing all day 24/7 365 and still not get tired. Yet you basic attack with any mana item you’ll eventually run dry.

Mana should go. I mean its already over come with how frequent you can drink mana potions.

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