Does New World have a QA team?

A critical part in games, especially in this genre is a solid QA team. If one does exist for New World, what exactly have they been doing with their time? Is their role a joke to them?

I do not know how bugs are constantly getting by unless
a) they are not being tested
b) they are not being fully tested

So, New Worlds team, you should sort out your QA team first with people that care about the game. Then go through the bug report section and start communicating with the community on what’s being fixed or people will end up getting even more demotivated and stop playing.


The majority of my friends stopped playing due to a large number of exploits and bugs, such as skills and perks not working as intended, inconsistent translations, ugly female characters, and, most importantly, a lack of hotfixes and unreliable patch notes + hidden nerfs.

I’m so dissatisfied with the lack of fixes and response to exploits that I rarely play the game anymore.

I think in most games nowadays, “QA” is the Public Test Server.
How do you find the unintended? It basically takes a lot of people playing, a few stumbling onto it, and of those, a few who take the time to reliably duplicate it.

That said, some stuff is probably “Hey, I can cheat like this in another game, I wonder if it works here…”
E.g., Macros for weapon swap animation cancellations. Weapon swap cancellation is a thing in ESO as is generalized unintended animation cancellation. Bet you cheaters from ESO came here and tried their favourite cheats.

lol if you think todays gaming developers have a AQ team. Most serious software houses have no QA team and let the customers test. Microsoft has been doing this since 3.1.

Yes and You are part of it… You paid 40$ or 40€ to be one. New business model. AGS instead of paying people to test their shit, they made people pay them for possibility to thest their shit…

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