Does "normal luck" count towards Gathering Luck?

The question is simple but i for my part dont know the answer:

Does the normal “luck” also counts towards gathering stuff?

Im not sure how AGS is counting it.
IF the coders wanted to have a easy life, then they would code gathering like looting a chest, just with diffrent loot tables, therefore luck coud count towards gathering stuff.
But there is also no reason that it counts course it would make the gathering luck perk a little worse and well, gathering is not exactly a chest or monster

A guildmate asked me and i was at a loss. I think it doesnt count but damn i was able to loot “blue meat” very regular without pvp on and no gathering luck.
Just in normal luckgear… So lets ask the crazy people in the forum :slight_smile:

No, at least it’s not supposed to.

increasing yield increases harvesting luck

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