Does the proficiency potion increase yield of gems from mining?

It may be an obvious answer, but would like to know before investing into the potions!

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From what I can tell yes. It’s on anything that you gather in world from my understanding. Except things like flux from storage chests.

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I cannot tell you for certain but my guess is “NO” I think the gems are luck based… so you’re more likely to find them with luck gear, and potatoes.

Just my thought… honestly the best way for me to find gems is through fishing at hot spots and treasure chests caught from them.

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Kind of.
Its increases the volume of what you gather by X% rounded down.
Luck increase the chances of finding a gem.
But if you do find a gem (based on luck), the potion can increase the number of gems by X% but since its rounded down if less then one, nothing changes.

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I don’t believe so, but I could be wrong.

You want gems? Spec out a mining luck set, and get yourself some poultry with roasted potatoes and hit gold, silver and platinum until the buff runs out.

Rinse and repeat.

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The maths makes sense. I’m getting 1-3 brilliant gems per plat and maybe 1 pristine every so often. So even with three I’m only getting a 0.45% bonus with the best potion; therefore you’re right it’ll automatically round down. So unless I’m getting more than 3, its pretty pointless.

This would be beneficial for silver-gold as I was getting 4-11 flawed / 4-5 green tier. (This is with full luck gear for mining)

no, the whole potion itself is bugged just like the elemental gemdust also doesnt work.

How much luck do you have on your gear alltogether? I’m at 37.8% plus 2000 points from food and I’m no where near your numbers of gems per node.
I hardly get any gems compared to you.

The proficiency potion increases the amount of items gathered and if you eventually get lucky to find more rare items then this potion will increase % of that item.

But you need to first get lucky.

I do not use them considering how expensive and how little rewarding they are.

I’m also around 40% - I don’t farm silver / gold anymore. I generally just do platinum as I’m getting between 1-4 blue and 1 purple fairly frequently. I don’t know if it makes any difference but I’m in a 60+ area

From memory after 2.5 hours of farming platinum, I had around 40ish brilliant and 5-10 pristine. (This is all luck based so a different 2.5 hours could also result in far less / far more)

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