Does this classify as harassment?

Username: Kablee
Player who I believe to be harassing me: Rise of Diusi

Trying to mine Orichalcum, in Restless. Minding my own business getting mining to level 200, player comes down, see me mining. I call him out of previously saying he has a mining bot, to which he then agros all the mobs on the ship, and within range to come down to where the Orichalcum is and argo on me/knock me off the mining so he can come steal the ore. He’s been doing this for the past 20-30 minutes (I have video evidence, it just won’t let me upload)

guess he isnt a bot now is he?


I never said he was, I said he has. Bit of a difference

I would say yes using the following information pulled from Legal:

I’m currently trying to post a web ticket, however, struggling to upload the relevant information (Videos/screenshots) and thank you for resolving my query :slight_smile:

Haha. Have to admit thats a funny way to respond to someone saying you’re botting. Since obviously he is actively at the screen.

You mis-read the OP.

According to the post, OP called them out because the player themselves said they have a mining Bot. NOT that the OP was calling the current player a bot.

That’s like someone admitting they use hacks, and you laughing at OP for being grieved by the player who was previously admitting they were using hacks.

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Thank you for clarifying my message (I struggle with words) :slight_smile:

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OP, you are upset because you didn’t know how to respond to that “method” of fighting over resources. You just need to do a spin with the mobs around him and they will aggro to him.

That being said, I firmly believe that this should be legal as high resources points are crowded with players and it’s a cool way of getting resources.

Also, you should stop being toxic and calling people out in chats. Amazon will take care of the bots. You solve nothing except inflating your ego while mounting a high horse while doing that.

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Aggroing the mobs on you is completely legit. If he has a bot gather evidence and report him, callim him out is pointless and arguably childish.

I mean, I do know how to respond to it, hence, I got some of the resources. It shouldn’t be legal as it counters the Code of Conduct. Also, not at all toxic to call someone out on anything. How is calling someone out inflating my ego? Also what high horse, I don’t think I’m better than him, so what are you on about?

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It would be legit if it wasn’t considered griefing, which is against code of conduct. Also how is calling someone out childish? Where has all this entitledness come out from? But it’s whatever we all have our opinions and at the end of the day, it is what it is

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Can we just admit that you obviously got lippy with him via chat, they came and decided to introduce you to some friends. Its a PvP centric game, IDC if you dont have your tag enabled, you already stated you called him out, and im not buying you were polite about it either.

Either way you got your 2 cents off and then they did the same. Call it a day and move on.

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Use a service like YouTube and post the link. The forum does not support video as an attachment.

This is pretty subjective. In your world be a douchebag is a normal thing, do not mean it is normal for everyone else.

Considere by who? Aggroing monsters into competitors is not griefing.
I don’t believe it would make sense to consider this an act of griefing in this particular game. With that being said I my personal opinion counts as musch as yours: close to nothing. Still, unless clearly defined as such in the code of conduct such behaviour cannot be considered griefing.

It’s not subjective and it has nothing to do with “your world” normal. Some people break the rules but it’s not your job to tell them off in the real world either, you don’t have any authority or prerogative to do so. You report them to the relevant authorities, THAT is your prerogative.

The moment you exert authority based solely on your own belief you become just as much of a douchebag.

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Not often I read something and find myself nodding.

Although Douchebag isn’t the world I’d use.

I agree with the sentiment.


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A griefer or bad faith player is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game (trolling), by using aspects of the game in unintended ways, such as destroying something another player made or built. A griefer derives pleasure primarily or exclusively from the act of annoying other users, and as such is a particular nuisance in online gaming communities. To qualify as griefing, a player must be using aspects of the game in unintended ways to annoy other players—if they are trying to gain a strategic advantage, it is instead called “cheating”.

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