Does void gauntlet cancel food

why in rush outpost does it take my food i use off.

Apparently it’s a graphical bug I think I saw somewhere but the effect still applies don’t quote me on any of this I could be wrong and more than likely am ty

Yep sometimes buffs disappear but effect still going on, i saw many times except void gauntlet too maybe visual bug. Did u check is effect active when disappear ?

it 100% does the one that actually strips buffs does it the ord of decay one does not it is from the scream perk that is causing food buffs to drop.

nah the ones that takes 20% duration takes the effect away. The one that actually strips the buffs 100% def strips the buff food + honing stones and incense

Its the perk mod for oblivion that strips all buffs including food, and not just visual

Can confirm this, since i play Void Gauntlet myself.
The Perk “Defiying Oblivion” also strips Bufffood… i guess unintended?

Yes, the Void Gauntlet Charm does this for crafted items. There are a few drops found in the world but this was confirmed an issue and reported by my testing.

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