Does weapon quests still exist?

I have raised several weapons to lv 20, and still no weapon quest for iether of them.
I have done almost any quests in all the zones, exept for some of the expeditions.
According to google its some quest giver in shattered mountains starting it all, but he has nothing for me!
is it even a thing anymore? all vids or guides are back when it was legendaries.

So what to do?

The weapon questline opens up when you complete the quest called Madaki’s Stratagem in Caminus.

Make sure you look at the weapon perks, some of them are outright useless and aren’t worth the effort of the quest at all.

he has nothing for me at all.
and i now they are hardly worth the effoert, but gives me something to do other than WM farming.
thx for the quick response tho

:partying_face:Congratulations! :partying_face:

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