Dominant company brags about selling WW/EF gold for real money

No one can make me believe that mega companies don’t sell gold.

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Oh, that explains a lot. Too much fluorised water etc. over there. Its not good for your brain.
Btw: how was the run on the capitol? I guess you were there? :slight_smile: And in which episode of Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan/All gas no breaks can I see you exactly?
I imagine an obese Murrican Anti-vaccer when I read your comments LUL

Idk what you mean… :smiley:

that’s also why they need to immediately without notice convert all companies money to company tokens, only usable for wars and town upgrades.


Not a bad idea, at least cut some of the losses for the “other 99%” of people on the servers.

@Luxendra @Lane @Zin_Ramu It is overdue to completely remove all player influence over Settlements. Literally every player on the server is involved in RMT simply by paying Tax in that Settlement.

You seriously believe these RMT players will report their sales on their income tax?

They won’t remove player control no matter how many times you screech. Gold selling is in every game that allows trading gold. Stop being stupid.

I dont think they would have to remove player control, they just have to even out things and make them more fair. It cant be that “the upper 1%” is getting like 99% of the gold and sells them for RMT. I needs to be adressed and nerfed, thats all.

Then you have killed the only PVP in the game, gz. nobody will play to take over a settlement for a small % of the revenue only.

On our server territory is the only viable method of making money unfortunately

At this point after release, every company that owns EF/WW is doing RMT. I no longer play this game because of that. I do join the forum now and then to read patch notes and popular topics.

Not making 2 Mio. gold each week = killing PVP? Cant believe you are an EU player. Ouch.
Making 1 Mio. a week for example would still be more than any other city, if you would nerf WW/EF :slight_smile: But your dull mind cant grasp this, I know. Poor lad.

You’re using the word obfuscated incorrectly which is ironic. Nerfing gold from 2m to 1m is still a huge a mount of gold for any company to have. What you proposed is to nerf the gold to an amount that would make it taht companies can’t profit IRL money from it. To do that you’d have to practically gut the entire settlement system which WILL kill pvp, genius.

Well, not anyone can have English as their first language, like you smartass :slight_smile:

Where did I propose nerfing it so hard, they wouldnt be able to RMT anymore? I just said: look, this guy is even admitting it, look into it pls.

Edit: Please quote where Ive proposed to gut the system completely like you are saying, oh you clever genius.

Also, 1 Mio is much more even, if they could somehow even the zones out. So, some cities could be kinda T2 cities with 500k. And WW/EF can still make double the amount of those T2 cities.

I mean, fuck, why do I even have to explain it to you, since you are “so smart”? XD

I mean common sense would dictate that if you don’t understand what a word means don’t use it, unless you want to sound like Joey Tribiani.

Where did I propose nerfing it so hard, they wouldnt be able to RMT anymore? I just said: look, this guy is even admitting it, look into it pls.

Because you responded to my response towards stating that if settlement ownership is removed it will kill PVP. Wars for settlements are literally the only real PVP going on atm.

Google translator :slight_smile:

I never said ownership should be removed, pls get your facts straight and stop lying.

Would be appreciated c:

Edit: Still no quote where I proposed to remove player ownership. Weird… oh wait, Ive never said such thing and you basically can not read properly.

Because I never accused you of demanding ownership be removed, I’m saying the only solution to your alleged problems WOULD be to remove ownership, you say English isn’t your first language, I’d fully believe it based on this conversation, but why you’re arguing with me when you don’t even grasp basic comprehension is beyond me.

Wdym? Theres a solution. I suggested some mechanic that would decrease the amount of gold WW/EF generate (or the “leading towns”) and also increase other “underdog” cities income by a bit. Someone else said there could be tokens that allow you to maintain/upgrade towns and declare wars. Or just cap the max income to a fixed amount of gold that goes to the owning company (500k/1mio? idk) - or maybe even give out the rest of the cities gold in those tokens.
Ofc there might be a lot of other solutions, too.