Dominant faction "giving" territories to recruit

On my server there is a dominant guild with 60+ active players, they own the server, therefore, they could no grow, they made a deal with another guild to merge, they gave a couple of territories and after they lost the “dominant faction” status they merged and retook everything. This behavior is something passive of punishment or this is completely ok?

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I don’t think anything gets punished in this game. Cheating is rampant.

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Win trading is technically against the rules right? But tbh I’m not sure it’s ever been punished right now… I’ve heard stories on many servers of similar behavior, including some purposely throwing wars so companies could transfer their territory after a faction swap. (That recently happened on my server, though one of the offending companies immediately lost the territory in a war right after lol)

Anyway… I would love for AGS to make a statement about what kind of behavior is fine and what is against TOS… right now there’s just very little info. We all know this kind of stuff is shady; a statement with clear boundaries is needed.

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I’m tired of playing on this server because of this. If they are not going to enforce such a basic component of the 3 way faction warfare I want off this server… If I am forced to continue I want off this game.

Enforce this blatant cheating or make server xfers available more often.

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