DOMINANT PLAYERS on the server do not let play

Many of us are following the mission lines and there are players who are dedicating themselves to disturbing the important points of the mission, when beasts appear they kill them so quickly that they do not let them enjoy, luckily I managed to get past that moment now I am in the next missions in desert and there are many players attacking relentlessly that do not let us continue the mission

Yes, it’s called greifing. Imagine how empty their lives must be that they have to log onto a make believe world and try there upmost to ruin people’s fun.

Pity you, I say pity them.


Report any international grieving though. If they have thousands of hours on their accounts, it’s a shame they just wasted all of that time to grief during launch.

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tbo honest it’s also a case of bad design… again lol. Send a 1000 players after a single spawns.

Yeah it’s tough because right now it’s a major issue but in the future after the massive rush it won’t be. Wonder if they could have considered instancing the spawn? Would work for launch but makes the game feel less connected when everything is instanced.

I am at this point not knowing what to do, because there are players from a faction that does not move and they are still there and do not move and are laughing at all the players that we intend to complete the mission took 20 minutes.

Definitely report intentional griefing but absolutely consider that this is launch and everyone will be competing for the quest mobs. Looks pretty chaotic haha, granted some people absolutely love launch day chaos which creates all of the nostalgia haha. For others I imagine it’s irritating. Sometimes it’s best if you are not enjoying it to wait a bit after the initial rush to start. Right now everyone will be at the first quest. Later it will definitely be less, still crowded though.

Exactly! +1

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the bad thing is those camps because they can be placed near the missions

Must be bitter pvpers sounds like their MO.

People trying to stop other guilds from unlocking the ability to gain ultimates so they have an edge in combat. Bunch of super sad people…

Personally im gonna take a nap and log in and do it all after everybody falls asleep at like midnight. Hopefully there will be a lot less traffic and griefing at that point rofl

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