Don’t worry about it guys!

I mean you’re not paying a monthly subscription fee. I decided to not buy anymore skins and decorations from the store. Now I just play the game and let them hope someone will do that in my place. Sure my time spent getting 200 crafting and gathering skills mean nothing now. But I still don’t have to pay to play. Well that’s until they will do a P2W store. But even then I still don’t have to pay for anything.

Not sure why people were crafting anyways. Just flag for PVP and enjoy the sweet sweet luck boost. Join the zerg and collect the flowing geat WM upgrades at no risk with 30% luck.

Why would you craft or do PVE when PVP offers the boost with little risk and no work?

I know right!! End game WM Zerg run is the best. I can’t wait until they make it 620 and we do it all over again.

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