Don't delay patch 1.0.6!

Crafting isn’t going to be more of a slog as people are thinking as crafting mission will be implemented as well.

It will be more expensive.

I think they better delay it a bit if needed.

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What do you mean balance changes will result in changes in playstyle? Other than the new flavor of the week (void gauntlet) it still is going to be the same hammer slam meta and gravity wells everywhere after the update as it is now.

Or is there a nerf to hammer slam and gravity well that I missed?

Thankfully Thomas Edison didn’t share your view, or we wouldn’t have light bulbs.

We don’t. We have LED’s now. He should have done it right the first time.

i mean with perks being fixed, abilities being changed/fixed, people will be running different passives, perks and even abilities. This is for all weapons, its going to be nice to see different play styles based on some of these changes

I don’t think there are going to be different playstyles at all. The things they buffed still suck for reasons that have nothing to do with the buffs they applied. Those abilities needs complete rework (I’m not just talking mage changes, this is across the board).

The only thing it will change is people not playing certain weapons at all in pvp. 80% of whom aren’t even going to bother swapping to new weapons, they just won’t pvp. They will either just pve or quit.

They should have just made the armor changes, fixed what were actual bugs with the perks/abilities, introduced the new weapon, and left it at that… and saved rebalancing until they had time to rebalance all the weapons. Wars were just constant lag from hammer slams, there were almost no mages at all in our wars. What in these changes is going to convince a current GA/Hammer player (which is like 60+% of the war weapon makeup) to convert to something else?

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Frankly, I do not have patience or understanding. This patch should have happen at 2 to 3AM not at 8AM.

I also do not have patience or understanding with regards to the crafting changes or the weapon change/equipment changes. As far as the crafting system goes, you let this go for 2 months so those that powerlevel are maxed out on every trade skill and then you decide to make it harder. Yes harder is the correct word. That is just wrong.

It is obvious that this game was not ready to be released as all of these changes should have been done before it went live. While not every bug can be fixed nor can every thing be perfectly balanced before release, this is absolutely ridiculous. This game is in Beta right now with us as the testers.

I personally find the new crafting system to possibly be it for me. I refuse to spend another dine on this game until you listen to the community and what it is saying. This does not mean catering to their every whim but actually listening. You have my $50 but no additional income will be spent.

This is not about me getting my way, but things being fair. If the crafting system as it existed was good for 2 months, then it is good period ( I know a repeat). Are you going to drop more refining resources? Put in more higher tier nodes? Drop the requirements to have the previous mats such as to have iron, then steel, then starmetal to make orichalcum? I have seen this exact same approach used by other online games thinking we will make it really hard to level anything only to make it easier within 6 to 8 months because the customer base keeps dropping. So, if this crafting system was good during the supposed beta testing and at launch, then why isn’t it good enough now? Oh wait, all the powerlevelers are complaining about how their stuff is useless. I can tell you that I’ve spent a grand total of maybe 800 gold on the AH buying mostly armor and weapon upgrades and will not spend another dime there either.

Weapon balances and even equipment balances are a joke. All this will do is make some weapons extremely powerful and others useless. As a healer, It will make healing even harder because now you want to force me into light armor and reduce my abilities. I do not do PVP as it is not my thing but you are asking me to get one shotted by either monsters or humans (if I do decide to PVP) because of the dps whiners who complain they cannot kill a healer when they are wearing heavy armor. Healers should be hard to kill and if the healer is good enough, they should be able to take on 3 to 5 people. Are you going to increase the damage output of the life staff to be on par with the other weapons or create other weapons that use focus? Are you going to give healers a fighting chance in PVE or PVP or you just hoping they will die so everyone wipes?

As a healer, I will continue on this path if I decide to keep playing but there will be fewer and fewer of us if you keep nerfing healers to the point where it is becomes impossible.



“Frankly, I do not have patience or understanding. This patch should have happen at 2 to 3AM not at 8AM.” - Lol, This is so common. If you’re mad that’s on you. This is a normal and acceptable practice in my opinion. If it was at night, you’d have people complaining, no matter what time, people would complain. This is probably the least active server time.

Lol, please tell us more about how entitled you’re feeling.


Lol quit whining


‘’ Healers should be hard to kill and if the healer is good enough, they should be able to take on 3 to 5 people ‘’

I will put this as simple as posible so you can understand U have ISSUES !
If you realy think a healer should be able to fight 1vs3 or 1vs5 you should probably stop playing mmo-s and most importantly stop sharing your ideas.

If your ‘’ opinion ‘’ would come into play Mr Entitled nothing would stop all players from playing healer. GG 50vs50 Lifestafs yes great idea what can i say , or wait should you still get some extra buffs so u can go 1v5 healers?

Wake up nothing is ever perfectly balanced that’s why wepon metas exist and its a never ending circle of pain.

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There will never be a 1.0.6 patch

Almost feel bad for the dev team. You know they’re working 70-80 hours a week to please everyone, and receive nothing but complaints. Part of the job description I guess.

if you think this is bad, imagine spending all you gold trying to level said professions before the major update. crafting 1000 swords and walking away from you computer for 30 mins whilst they craft. only to come back and notice all the mats are gone and you have gained no weaponsmithing experience. To top it all off posting a bug complaint on the forums and after nearly 6 days nothing has been done about it.

Bug - Not gaining any Weaponsmithing Experience - Bugs and Exploits / Bugs and Exploits - New World Forums

enjoy watching this…

They listened to you! Blasted through 1.0.6 and now have 1.1 up. Thanks!

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