🙅 dont do stamina change - rework dodge animation! AMAZON STOP DESTROY YOUR GAME!

AGS do not change the mechanics of stamina, you need to rework the animation of the dodge, now you have no animation (beginning frames - animation of immortality - and end frames of the dodge animation). You only have the immortality animation all frames, because of this, the fight with the players in light armor turns into sonic races. If you change the roll from 100% immortal frames to 30% roll start frames - 40% immortal frames - 30% roll finish frames, it will improve the game experience. In Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games, players who abuse rolls can be punished with “Roll Catch”. In these 30%, at the beginning and end of the roll animation, damage can be dealt, so we punish players who abuse rolls.


Well i agree, and yea AGS can i do 40% more dmg for ppl with active grid, and 30% more dmg whu have more then 150 con? Thanks.and yea i wana have absorber sheeld from all range atack like priest in invasion :slight_smile:

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In my experience those who have thoroughly tested the change to stamina recovery don’t like it. There are a lot of people thinking it’s a good change as they think it will stop light armor without testing it. It is a massive nerf to melee more than anyone else regardless of armor weight.
I would speculate that most the people who are in favour of this change haven’t tested it and like the idea of what they think it will achieve.

AGS from what I’ve seen seem to be under the impression it is a divisive change, but it isn’t for those who have tested this. It is in fact unanimously a negative change for anyone I have spoken to on the PTR. I would encourage anyone who thinks this is a good change to go and test it thoroughly. As I can assure you the repercussions of this change impact your build more than you think.


i play on tank, ags give my -10% armor and -attack speed on sword, and up guys who plays light armor!

I did about 10 arenas last night. I saw the same tank about 5-6 out of those neither change was benefiting him.

The need to REVERT it or it will kill the game 100%

You need to think about this from a PVE perspective as well. Would you rather have the same iframes and the stamina regen nerf or would have less iframes and die more in pve ? Some PVE bosses have mechanics that require a split second roll, that’s going to be harder

they can revert the dodge changes they did while there at it

I’m one of them. I did a lot of testing and it felt alright, then I tried the classic GA/WH, awful. Useless. Terrible. You just run around til you have charge and dodge what damage you can.

The idea behind the change is great. The implimentation? Oh Lord… The dodge range reduction with a slow basically turns slows to roots, couple that with the new animation.

IG is going to be required on every single build. If they kept stamina the same and kept the slow, cool. If they changed it to .5 second maybe it would be okay but holy shit. Slows are OP now.

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