Don't let the population issues in players' hands

Giving freedom to the players is awesome, but not in all cases. Population (either server AND factions) is something that should be managed by AGS, and not by the players, to a certain extent.

I dont have the numbers, i’d be lying if i did, but its pretty obvious that a non-negligable amount of players will always try to switch to the winning faction when given the chance (even if it takes 60 days to do so), or even give up if they arent winning. The underdog then becomes the dead dog on the ground that people keeps kicking on it. so it remains on the ground and gives up…

it is just a suggestion, as there might be other factors that needs to be taken into consideration, but i think AGS needs to, in some cases, take control of the population issues specifically regarding factions. between hunters/gatherers, crafters, PvErs, PvPers, even on a technically faction balanced server, one faction could be a lot more dominant if the roles mentionned earlier arent well balanced themselves, so imagine when the factions themselves have a big difference in the amount of players.

This situation is of course normal, in a game where PvP isnt forced but rather partially encouraged. in a game like that, i think the devs need to realise that the direction they took for the game requires more adjustments in other aspects.

I’ve seen some companies (a.k.a. guilds) change factions to make the server more balanced, but its not everyone who thinks like that. Many people will prefer to switch to a winning faction. people might even change server, whicc isnt better either, it eventually leads to more server issues, not only faction issues

Here is a few suggestions as to how the bonuses for the “winning” factions could be modified in order to NOT make the game harder on the losing team on certain aspects, but rather give bonuses on other aspects to the “winning” faction.

  • Do not base all the bonuses given to factions only based on PvP domination. Since you really change the original direction of the game from hard PvP to soft PvP, the bonuses and advantages should also be reviewed and modified.

  • PvE should play a role in owning a zone. AND also take into consideration of the level of the zones versus the level of the players fighting in it. A level 60 fighting a named lvl 20 boss in i.e. First light should not have an impact on the “score” of the faction. DOing this would also make lower level players have a direct impact on the success (or failure) of their faction, making them care more.

  • Even crafter wise, there should be some sort of way they could impact their faction’s success. I won’t go into details, but i think that restricting buying/selling/all transactions shouldnt be allowed across different factions. green could only buy and sell to greens, same for yellows and purples.

I understand that the devs prefers to let people from different factions interact with each other to a certain level, but it should not be at the cost of a better game. Sometimes, what players want is not necessarly good for the game or for themselves, liking something doesnt mean that its good :smiley:

  • in PvE, give a little bonus to groups that are made from only 1 faction, to encourage people to do so. Because of the structure of the game, not allowing multi-faction groups would not be a good idea at the moment, but it can be encouraged.

Eventually, it would be so awesome to have something like “The Camelot Herald” that they had (and probably still have) for Dark Age of Camelot. A website for a ton of stats about players, companies, region whatever you wanna call them. you could see i.e. a top 100 for so many things it was insane…ly fun ! Basically a score sheet of everything that could be scored.

I’ll stop here, i think you get the idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading.

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