Don't Link AH; just give us NPC vendors instead

Much easier and cleaner QOL. Delete all the AHs. Just have NPC vendors where the price is the price.

  1. Drops and items can be sold/bought from NPC vendors.
  2. Copy albion online’s black market vendor system for crafting- Crafters sell to the Black market vendor who’s pricing increases based on world activity. The item sold then is rolled as a drop in the game world.

Now everyone has simple easy QOL way of making money without any of the headaches of player driven economy.

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NPC vendors be like “I’ll give you 1.5 coin and 3 scrap”

Also, can I get some AI bots to do expeditions with? I don’t want any headaches from having to play with other people in an MMO.

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I not sure if I have TRUST in AI bots, maybe if I were their Squadron commander though.

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