Don't make the same mistake as WoW [PVP]

Most players favor playing as DPS, right?
WoW made dps classes the least important in PvP.
There were even times where tanks outperformed damage dealers on damage output.
Healers were overtuned, all because of the fact that Blizz wanted to promote arena as an e-sport…

I get that if you want healers in a game due to dungeons/expeditions it’s hard to find a balance to where they are important in PVE but not the deciding factor in in PVP.
Now don’t get me wrong, if left alone a healer should be able to sustain a teammate in battle, the problem is when the healer can sustain themselves and their teammates at the same time.

Now there is an easy fix, make em squishy. Make them have to heal from cover from either terrain or teammates. Right now you see healers in the middle of open areas healing their team no sweat. And why would they, only way for them to die is if they get swarmed and have no support from a Hammer.

To this day the best PvP experience of any mmo is BDO and i honestly believe it’s beacuse there were no healers or tanks. It all came down to having a good strategi, making good choises and outperforming you opponent. Such a shame they went the p2w route :frowning:

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You are comparing WoW arena, which is a TDM type of PvP, with New World, which is an objective based type of PvP.

The objective with war and OPR is essentially to spend more time in the circle than your enemies. Healers and tanks have a natural advantage here.

You can have a good strategy, make good choices and outperform your opponent just as well in New World. In fact I think it’s much more important than in WoW or BDO.

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There’s about a year’s worth of poor development decisions that currently plague New World’s PvP.

That was not an exaggeration. You can go back to the December 2020 patch notes and read each month’s changes and come to realize what a steaming pile of shit combat has become.

And then you get Dave Hall in the recent developer video claiming things “feel close” right now. Gross incompetence.

I don’t know if my server is an outlier, but the life staff is one of the most common weapons in OPR. There are usually about 8- 10 life staff users per match. It feels bad when you attack anyone (tanks, healers, mages, etc.) and they’re health stays full because all of the healing.

I know this is an unpopular opinion on these forums, but in a 1v1 a healer shouldn’t be able to stand still and live forever. They should be forced to dodge, use pots, judiciously use their cooldowns, and FIGHT back. I do not want healers to die in one shot or be free kills for dps/tanks. I want them to actually play the game like everyone else. The better player should win.

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