Don't nerf azoth (and other things)::the azoth thing should have been left out

I wanted to clarify up heref: this is not primarily about azoth. It’s about losing the challenges in a game.

Please ignore the azoth parts. They are obscuring my main point. I am not removing them because it might seem that I’m trying to hide what’s already been said.

Playing mmo’s I have only been in a raid perhaps 3 times since I started playing mmo’s. Only once did I suffer from crafting fever and attempt to level every crafting skill set. While trying to farm bosses and dungeons over the years I never lasted very long at all. In no game have I obtained the top tier armor, weapons, or other gear. All of these things have been done by choice.

Simply put I am not a hardcore player.

Yet even then the continuing reduction of challenge in this game makes me increasingly troubled. Challenge creates opportunities for fun and yes for disappointment. Removing challenges from the game is a downward spiral.

People have left games saying it just wasn’t fun anymore for a number of reasons. One of those is the removal of challenge. Often they don’t even realize that this is the case.

The other part of challenge is consequences.

Open world bosses being nerfed. How are they open world bosses if two or three people can take it down?

Azoth travel is not simply being adjusted but nerfed rather hard. Hopping all over the map almost freely has no consequences with the removal of azoth. Travel then means nothing. It becomes less than dull.

Having to manage your azoth is like managing your inventory. It’s part of a crucial set of background mechanics in any game that have costs, require forethought and planning. You can’t touch, taste, or feel in a game. You can think. It’s the most direct and important engagement a game can make aside from providing emotional experiences.

When there is nothing left to think about (or feel) what is left?


Please nerf Fast travel and don’t listen to this guy.


Don’t worry they already have done so we’re just waiting for the patch.

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But what do you think about the general nerf of multiple things in the game that seem to be moving it towards very very casual play style?

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I’m fine with having a challenge with everything else but fast travel was just a thorn in the ass since the start of the game.


And I do get that I suppose I’m seeing that nerf as more of a general trend that bothers me.

I do see your point with progression nerfing but not sure about the Azoth. Areas that i’ve already well explored i really don’t want to run through again however I would support higher costs for new map areas (if they ever come out) to force exploration. I also would support increase to Azoth costs if they brought out steeds which could quarter travel time. One thing I don’t agree with is making progression to 60 easier or to a degree the GS grind (I say to a degree on this because probably not gonna be as easy to do chest runs in future so something is needed to replace)

Part of the fun is the grind and seeing your character progress because of the time and effort you have put in to their development, yes, not all of it is ‘fun’ but welcome to MMO.

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Sorry dude, ur one of very few who would want this not changed….


sounds like OP has too much time to play games. most people have a life and duties outside the game…

although i agree that 20 is low and simple, it’s better for the majority of players.

i would prefer a significant lower distance cost plus the 20 as a base. weight has to go, it punishes and discourages players from gathering and moving stuff around the many independent storages (house CD too long for this purpose and 50 azoth too expensive)…

everyone will have their opinion and this is just mine.

overall i’m happy and with less bots, i’m returning to NW as my main game, to explore the entire map and gather everything on my path without worrying about getting it all back for refining :slight_smile:


Probably everyone invested in suspended azoth doesnt Want it changed.

Sadly I am not. I never have enough to afford selling it. :wink:

See though, the state of the game, shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be an excessive challenge. It’s more of an intro to the game.

NOW, expansions from here on out, should have difficult content. You want to get players hooked, not drive them away with mundane things…like the inability to freely travel around as you want. Future content, shouldn’t be a cake walk. True end game stuff that requires you building yourself to be able to do.

As fun as it was to explore, when your going from one area to another…it’s annoying without teleporting.

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Fair points.

Its this little thing called entertainment and FUN. Some people like to have it in their games…There is no challenge in managing the same thing after 100 times. Its also not FUN. See my first statement about FUN.

Okay I may be misreading your tone. If not there is no need to be angry at someone expressing an opinion. Especially one so odd.

There is no way any dev is going to see this let alone be affected by it. The nerf on azoth is already public and in the incoming patch.

I’m realizing I should have not included azoth in my post. It’s why I later added the the qualifying statement at the beginning. Azoth can definitely be a pain in the ass.

This is more of a general discussion about overall easing of challenges in the game.

Oh please nerf it in to the ground. Remove it entirely ideally. I spend far too much of my time organizing inventories and doing tasks that are a chore rather than enjoying the game - and running all my mats somewhere when something is downgraded or realising I just made a group for Gen and I have the orb but I don’t have enough azoth to TP there… it is a terrible system. It might be different if the game had a lot of quality of life features (which hopefully will come in the future). But if you play a lot azoth just ends up sucking the life out of you becuase of travel costs.

People cry “realism”, but I have enough realism in my actual life thank you, when I play games I want to enjoy myself.

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I’m not crying ‘realism’. Also please do me the consideration of reading the very top two statements in this post.

But the very beginning of my post gives examples of how I am not one who participates in hardcore play with only a few exceptions over the years.

I’m probably one of the few people who’s with you. MMO developers are very beholden to profitability these days, which means making everything as instant and immediately gratifying as possible so that people who don’t actually like RPGs very much but prefer fast paced single player games become customers. That’s why the made PvP flagging optional, that’s why they combined markets, that’s why they’ve made fast travel practically free, and that’s why they’ll probably keep going down this road of making things more and more instantly gratifying at the expense of challenge and immersion.

(For fast travel specifically, it makes sense to limit it when you have a healthy open world PvP system, localized banking, separated markets, etc, but since they’ve gotten rid of all that stuff, they’ve lost most of the arguments for keeping fast travel at a minimum, too.)


Thank you for the considered approach to the OP. In retrospect it was probably a bad idea to mention azoth as it seems too much of a hot button issue and it distracts from the points.

Secondly, your argument about nerfing azoth is probably the most convincing that I’ve heard.

As enjoyable as instant gratification can be, even for me, it can be detrimental. Perhaps that’s a function of my age. When younger there were many things that should have happened ‘right now’. Currently the realization that’s dawning on me is the challenge was half the fun.

[This is not an attack on anyone younger or older than myself. It’s just a personal observation of my own life and the changes that have occurred in it. One of the things I dislike the most lately is the constant attack on ‘millenials’ and ‘boomers’. It’s a pointless argument that every generation has gone through yet no one seems to remember.]