Dont Raise GS/ Character Levels THERE STILL TIME!

I think its a good thing :smiling_face_with_tear:


Most of the time, if I come back to a game after a month or so, I would have to start over to relearn certain things. In NW, it all feels like second nature when you come back

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What if you need PenUmbral shards to go from 625 - 650… and they only drop from the new dungeon?

Then would you want a gs increase?

I hate when games build systems on top of systems, and then invalidate all your old work to make you get some new item to drive the new system…

If there is new gear sets thats better in situations (along with new area, expedition, Etc.) then there wouldnt be a need to raise the gear score.

Think about people who stopped playing, 2-3 expansions down the road GS been raised 3 times(for a example) think about how far behind they will feel returning. (like wow before the level crunch)

So you are CREATING a scenario?

Glad I do not have to worry about your “what ifs”.

I have been leveling toons purely solo with no instances and no WT since just before Alpha 3. Purely solo can make it to 625. It will be a challenge, but still doable.

My 3rd toon with FSS got to 624 in 90ish hours (/played).

Can you look at who I replied to? LOL

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awkward left chat

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