Don't shoot yourself into the foot again

That wasnt my point I just wanted to show that every game after a couple of months lose players. In some cases millions in some just a hundred thousand. A game can be successfull even when they started with 12million and now they have 4 million players ofc.

These are issues that exist in every game. They are not the cause of the mass decline of population in new world, in fact there is no chance of that.

this was a design choice change, and it was a good one. I understand some of you want eve online in an wow format, but its not good for the over all health of the game and more importantly, its not good for a flagship game which needs millions of players for decades to really sell a new studio like ags.

Very few people are invested in crafting etc as their primary activity. Interestingly, while new world has issues and sloppiness with its crafting, it seems to have managed to engage many more people than other games with far cleaner profession systems and i say that as a wow designer thinking of wow in mind.

There is a complex discussion that can come of the crafting system, however, the many bad things about it also enhance the good things about it. You cant have darkness without light, or truth without falsehood.

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This is not true. Some games grow in population. Hype has been an issue as of late, but it has not always been as problematic. Wow only grew from its launch. Guildwars 2 also experienced a similar state however it has not managed to obtain the peaks that wow has. Eve online is another example, for many years after launch it only grew.

Hype does not always cause a drop off, its just been the track record we’ve seen the last few years. I would probably conclude that its been caused by rushed projects and greedy investors.

Wow peaked at 13 million and some change, and currently sits around 5 and some change million. Its slightly lower than what it has been for the last few years (around 6-7m) but its still going fairly healthy.

If you are nitpicking I can too…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes not every game but most. Yes some game grows for a couple of years… We can still agree that All-time peak means just so little and shouldn’t come always back as a argument.

But yes thanks to some people here I can see that one guy in blizzard con screaming “omg wow is dead had once 12mil players and not anymore”

That is not nitpicking you made a claim which is well proven to be false. Not every game has drop offs after hype. New world probably would not of had it if it was not for stability and orb related issues.

Believe it or not this value is very important. It can give subtle hints to bad choices, or the start of a decline of a game.

Ok, I play your game. What game does not have drops after the hype? I bet you can name some.

Maybe you should read all of a post instead of turning discussion in forums into arguments.

So wow had a peak of 12mil and now has 4-6mil… so it did drop after the hype…
Eve online had 500k players now has 100k… so it did drop after the hype…

Are thos games bad? No. Should we only judge the game because people left the game? No.

They are working on the game and try to solve problems. And I would bet “people not being able to use their desired name” & “no quest sharing feature” is clearly not the reason why people left the game.

Can we not forget the biggest flop ever was Final Fantasy 14 original release. The game was hyped beyond belief and come that launch day taking that first step my gosh was it horrendous! Game servers shut down and thus the game was reworked into what is now known as vanilla Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn… Which keep in mind has been going strong since that release to the point where they had to stop sales and character creations when new expansions dropped.

There are plenty of reasons why the decline happened in New World and you still see players leaving the game.

I’ll give you my reason why i barely login anymore to the game. Server population it is low enough that i simply cannot get an OPR / Expedition or even a Elite chest run going. Wars don’t even happen. Cant do invasions. Most players all they got is gathering materials and crafting and pray for a server merge… Yes use a transfer token blah blah surprise some people don’t have them. Sure i could make a new character on a populated server and get back to 60 but personally i’d rather not do expertise grind again

No. Hype periods are generally 6 months, not 10 years into a game.

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Its ok you just wanna be right. Thats fine, since its impossible to have multiple hype moments during 10 years of a game.

I forgot that I’m speaking to Dr.Ph.Ing. Hype Nourri.

Most of the people left new world because of the orb system, though i knew this in advance to the ags team. They probably had good intent (to keep people in open world) with this but it went horribly wrong. I only wish they would of listened sooner.

That had an interesting outcome, however.

most people wanted a complex-pvp eccentric game from new world and that was being held back by the option of large population rates based on pve. This dream is still possible (ie large populations) but it will be an uphill battle.

the good thing about that is that we learned that pvp is in a fairly healthy state, and we also learned that because most of that population stayed the reasons for people staying in new world was not due to bad combat design which is suprising because action based combat tends to not be so good for the larger scale population.

this tells us that the remaining population is likely pvp focused, and because of that we can estamate that the majority of people leaving now are due to stability or balance related issues. Int he history of the industry we know that balance does not tend to make people leave, more importantly it actually tends to make them stay more (because of having to play alts, or other classes) so its very unlikely that its class balance that has caused people to leave unless we are talking about wide-spread issues with an entire class concept (like none of the mage class options (IE FS, IG, etc) being viable).

This tells us that most of the people left in new world are likely pvp based and those that leave are likely leaving because of the stability issues. due to my experience i suspect that the lower population caps on servers (around 2,250) are also impacting these retention rates (~20-25%).
but i’d be willing to go on record and say its most likely the stability issues that are the cause of it.

Its not about that. Hype is generally only a few months after launch <= 6months in general. If you mean that games die off over longer period, yes that totally correct. In fact, most game shave a 10 year life expectancy. Games that last longer are exceptionally old.

Think of games like wow as a 110 year old people, where most people die between 60-70 years old.

bro what are you on about first 2 weeks of the game was amazing (unless u were stuck in queues) but other than that it was perfect

The discussion is really going off track here. I didn’t want to discuss New World’s population in general or debate whether the current player count is healthy or not. Surely, players left and more than we would have liked, but the reasons are so unclear and manifold that any discussion without reliable data will only ever be an educated guess.
Apart from this I don’t think comparing different games bears any valuable information for the current playerbase of New World.

I see that AGS developed its late and endgame with mutations, improved crafting and HWM 2.0.
But noone coming in through the Steam Free Weekend will benefit from that.

They will still experience the same disappointments that everybody else did back in Sept. 21. Locked player names, difficult or impossible coop play among friends and a lack in quest and enemy variety. Additionally, the PvP-focussed players will most likely not see any open world PvP and structred PvP events are off limits for low level players. PvE players will see their first dungeon around level 20 and it will be gated thanks to the orb system.

If you don’t think those point are valid please go through some of the older topics that describe why many people left in the early stages of New World.
4 of 5 friends have already quit
You basically can’t play this game with your friends

Didn’t mean to offend you, just my opinion on what was lacking for some prospective players.
New World is a great game :wink:

in this case, it is relevant, most games don’t lose 90% of their players in 3 months. (with lost ark being the other exception) CS: GO still hovers around 800k PEAK players, which is only 116k players LOWER than launch day. people keep bringing it up cause it’s this game’s only point of reference to more than 15k peak players. launch peak is different from the all-time peak, CS: GO all-time peak was 1.2 million players. and I doubt any game besides maybe league or Minecraft can compete with wow’s peak player number.

TL;DR New world’s launch shouldn’t be considered its all-time peak. some games will lose players, especially if their content is dry or buggy, but a new world hasn’t seen GROWTH at all. ever.

OP, these are all exactly the same “issues” in FF14. All of my friends quit the game after Asmongold decided it was a weeb boring weirdos only game, it went back to its niche playerbase of under NW according to charts. Nobody touches it even for free playing up to level 60 without a sub.

Just in order to measure my initial concerns against the actual impact of the Steam Free Weekened.

SteamDB calculated a 2,5% gain in player count after the Steam Free Weekened…just enough to compensate the regular player bleed.

Filtering the steam reviews by time played 0-36 hours and reviews made between 9th and 11th April results in 550 reviews with an overall MIXED rating.
Reading some of those reviews many conclude that the gaming world is beautiful and the sounds are incredibly good. On the negative side people say combat is boring and enemy variety is too low and the overall gameplay feels repetitive and grindy.

All in all the data suggests that only a small amount of additional players tried out New World during the Steam Free Weekened (low leverage as I mentioned) and that at best they got a mixed impression. Furthermore, the data does not support the claim that New World gained lasting additional players through this campaign.

Also: 2 many limitations on new players

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