DOT Kills Aren’t Counting In OPR

This definitely isn’t anything major and doesn’t affect anything other than my own personal satisfaction of seeing how many people I’ve dispatched in one game, but I have noticed in a lot of my OPRs, that kills off of DOT effects (bleed, poison, burn) aren’t showing up as kills on the scoreboard. I know for a fact that they die due to the effect bc of the noise it makes and I’ve even sat there and watched a few bleed out.

I realize it would be kinda stupid to shoot a poison arrow into a group of 10 have someone else do pretty much all the damage and poison takes the last tick, giving you the kill, but there are numerous instances that I have done, 6-7k+ damage to someone to have bleed kill them as they’re running away and I don’t receive kill credit for it. Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s set up in a way that whoever did active damage to that person last gets credit. (The audible kill sound that is still played off of someone dying to your dot makes it seem like the credit would go to you).


Oh this makes a lot of sense. I’ve also seen a post about ice storm kills not counting as well, which supports this post.

Thanks, we’re aware of this and working on a fix!


Noticed this today too. Counted 1 of 3.

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