Dota Style Player Review System for wars

So with the abudance of cheaters and exploiters in the wars atm and with the lack of horsepower on Amzons end to deal with this, why not go with a Dota style player review system. Where u could get a vid of the war and decide whether ppl icetombing forver to cap points woud be fair, cheating or offensive.

TBH im shocked Amazon has taken this so lightly, even if its 2 previous games failed, they were forgot about, but with this ppl are just gona remember that they gave up playing because ppl on amazon were cheating. That kind of reputation damage is hard to fix.

Had a a company Rodent militia i rekon less than 20 ppl most not even 60 transfer over to the Ismarus Theta EU server and take over BrightWood, in record time. Their ingenious stradedgy was to go to point and stand on top of it. For some reason this was the first war that was fought with incredible lag. What a coincidence. Even a casual spectator could tell you something was not right.

I’m gona repeat myself, Amazon is gona be associated with cheating its customers and thats a huge reputation risk from a computer game. So let the community police itself if u cant/dont have time. Or disable wars so that ppl cant cheat until you fix the issues.

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