Double shooting

For bows. Real talk…should this actually exist after the changes to how fast the bow can fire off light/heavy attacks?


bow is so overtuned, all these bow rapier players egos are super inflated right now.


Oh you’re right about the egos but that’s almost anyone who gets good at rapier tbh.

I think that the bow can fire off skills too fast. Imagine if you could do the same with PowerShot, powderburn, and stopping power lol.

Yes it should exist, as it existed before the patch. Just my opinion. What shouldn’t exist is the buffed hitbox.

I don’t get understand this argument.

Leaping strike + shield bash always existed before this patch too, for example. Over time it was found to be “too strong”. Now, bow double shotting is too strong in my opinion.

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I didn’t say it should exist BECAUSE it existed before, I said it should just exist AS it existed before.

Didn’t it exist in the same way before the patch? The problem now is that the firing rate is faster AND there’s another skill that can be double shot(explosive shot).

Also sorry I think that I misunderstood because of the comma.

What I want to know is how a bow is hitting me when I’m in musket sniper mode and hes barely a spec on my screen. I can’t even see him without sniper mode but he can see me and shoot at me with 100% accuracy?

To be honest, if you’re not moving it’s not all that hard. Like if you’re in shooters stance.

if you cant even see me? because without sniper mode i cant even see them

If they’re in rendering distance, they can see you, trust :joy:. It probably also doesn’t help that muskets are typically found in the same several locations.

I understand your point, but the bow got buffed for a reason. Buffing means making things better, not worse. And then they also nerfed it by the way, so I think things got balanced out. The only thing I will change is the arrow hitbox, that’s it.

You think that the amount of constant pressure that a bow can put out currently is ok?

I agree with you that it needed the buff, but I think that they overdid it in some ways

What about Blunderbuss shooting 2-3 skills that instantly do 10k dmg? Should that be nerfed aswell?

Stop asking to nerf everything in this damn game. Bows are ok as they are and there are other ranged classes with superior DMG.

Sure. (As someone who uses the blunderbuss.

But then also make it shoot more than 2-3 shots before reloading.

Regular buffs AND nerfs are needed to balance a game.

Also I got hit with an evade shot for 3.9k yesterday lol. Wild. Not that evade shot is a problem. Just saying.

I told you exactly what they overdid, and I asked them to change it a lot of times. It’s the arrow hitbox, it’s simply too big. Change that and look how many people will play bow after.

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I agree with you on that
I just don’t think that it’s the only thing…it’s ok to disagree. This is subjective after all

Of course. It’s just my opinion. Though it’s a fact that bow has been a subpar weapon (probably the worst weapon in game) for months, now it’s not, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. A lot of other weapons can apply constant pressure, FS, BB…I mean, people do a lot of damage these days and it’s not only a bow issue, imho.

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Definitely agree with you. I think that it’s great that it’s very much viable now but I don’t want it nerfed to the ground. I just think that some things need to be looked at. People were good at it when it was bad, so I think that it would be fine nonetheless.

The reason why I find bow “different” is because of the near constraint stringing together of normal attacks and skills, this is something that other weapons can do but on a much muuuuch lower scale. For example you can heavy/light into a fireball. But not heavy/light into any of the other skills with the same level of fluidity.

SNS used to have fluidity, now it doesn’t

You can normal into shrapnel blast, but not light attack into anything else on bb really, but that’s offset by the pure amount of damage you can do with just that.

Again I’ll use the example of the musket. Imagine if you could string together normal shots and power/stopping power/powderburn like you can with light + poison/explosive/pen. It would be insane.