Double storage is misleading

I’m not talking about the storage bug. I’m talking about the 500 unique items. Sure, I have 6000lbs of storage, but in each town I’m limited to 500 unique items… So this is what it looks like, I use up to about 2000lbs of storage, because I’m capped by number of items.

This is very misleading to say double the storage… Sure, I can try to sell/get rid of some items, but isn’t that the point of double the storage? Is to allow me time to sell/decide on what to do with the items? In many cases, I need those items for crafting.

I just wish they’d remove the 500 items limit.


Place cooking, alchemy, resources, gems, furniture and dyes, and your craftig perc green tokens in separate storage.

Ive moved mine to the outposts. It helps get away from that issue.

It would be nice if the cap was 1000.

Already did.

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