Double XP Crafting is a Good thing and here's why

You’re like me, you leveled one or more crafting professions to max, got your trophies and gear, and made some stuff.

The 2XP makes you feel that your work, coin, and time were misspent when you could have saved half if you’d waited, and you’re wrong.

You could have saved so much more by not crafting in the first place. Half doesn’t cover what you’ve spent by a fraction.

Maybe you’re one of the 1% who got RNG blessed and sold some stuff for gold cap, or multiple somethings. Good for you! For the majority though, it’s a steady losing venture, bleeding mats on a broken RNG gambling system.

Why is it good that anyone can get into your profession(s) for half price? Change.
This BS system will never be changed unless there are either a lot more complaints or a lot less players.

So, good luck new crafters! I can’t wait to see the almost bis you craft worth 200k that you spent 450k to be able to make!


I have changed my mind for the exact same reason. I have 595-600 in everything and at first I thought that it was unfair.

Now I think that this game is going to die. So does anything really matter? Maybe AGS will listen when more crafters see what a scam it is and complain.

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OP is not wrong.

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agreed the RNG is too large and is getting worse each patch.


it was pretty much pointed out from the get go that just 200 crafting is the start of the investment needed. and then on top of that the exceptionally small chance to get true bisses.

but something something slap in the face.

something something unfair.

Should start a petition to the ESRP to make this game Rated “M.”

Solely for the gambling in the game.

Guildies called me crazy for making that 200 furnishing camp skin back in november of last year.

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That’s actually a hilariously apt suggestion

It’s ridiculous, I’ve just come back and level my crafting on the side. I was curious how much I would have to spend in order to be able to craft 600 gear for armor. 3 major trophies which goes for around 40k a piece so 120k right there. I need 3 houses and you probably want a bigger one for space. So that’s around 30k, armor gear which I can farm and that will probably take weeks to get because of the low drop chance.

So around 150k + weeks of farming. Or add a couple of hundred k if you want to buy it. I have 15k atm, so i also have to farm gold to get the 150k minimum.

And then I actually have to craft and somehow manage to craft good gear which will probably never happen and have to sink aaa lot of gold into.

Then you see one of the smart ones on the forum that says “gAmErS JuSt WanT tHiNgS fOr fReE, yOu shOulD HavE seEn uLtIma onLiNe” or “It TaKeS aWaY my AcHIvEmEnt” and I just shake my head and scroll on.

Getting to 200 isn’t an achievement, mindless grinding for hour after hour isn’t an achievement. You haven’t even reached halfway to actually be able to craft when you get to 200.

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