Double Xp not started yet?

Is 2x xp starting today? If so when?

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no it hasn’t and they’re not saying when it will happen. It’s been asked multiple times and a CM only said “It’s a surprise”…make of that what you will

As Tovic43 has said, the event has not started yet, thank you for your patience.

Well you said the month of June in the Dev update video and it’s June. People plan their work schedules etc around this sort of thing. Don’t say the whole month of June if you’re just going screw around and not announce it.

Should you not plan your game schedule around your work schedule vs your work schedule around your game schedule? Lmao! Have a good day.


Some people do schedule days off to take advantage of events in their games.

Also when you announce an event, then you should you know…kind of release said event. It’s hard enough to keep people playing the game but promising an entire month of x2 exp and not delivering just might be a punch in the gut too many for some.

Now I may be wrong here and if i am I’ll eat my words but as far as I know of they never made no claim it will be a MONTH of double xp. As far as I know of, they haven’t given any duration of the double xp only just it is planned for this month

I understand you not announcing they event too early in that merchant whales and large companies will kill the economy on the medium to low pop suffers so they can profit.

The only way it could have actually been a surprise is if you started it today instead of the final weekend in june like so many of us expect you will.

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