Double xp was very good thanks

I am now level 60, i did take 20 level this weekend and this update is nice, i enjoy come back a bit into new world.


Welcome back to Aeternum. Glad you had a blast with double XP! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I wish they would extend it. I got several weapons to level 20. Have a couple left I would like to finish. DBL xp on the weapons felt good.


Yay!! So happy to hear this!!!


It would be nice to at least keep the character xp. It feels good to level up at this pace. I’ll prob go back to being bored when it goes away

one more day wont hurt anyone btw

This was great.

Accelerated getting a new weapon viable even if expertise is so far behind.

I got four weapons from 1 to 20 over the weekend and now have a pool of new toys to play with.

Thank you AGS.

Every weekend should be double XP !

I’m trying to level bow/life staff today and it’s just crushing. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it…may just have to wait until there is another event…if ever.

They gonna add a battle pass to new world, make you grind xp on those double xp weekends c:

I’m not sure about that. Feels more like this is a way to get people back in-game after the patch. I’d expect these kinds of weekend events to be tied to content releases.

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Yes can we get another soon Amazon?? Had to work the long shifts all weekend and could barely make it on :frowning:

Enjoyed my time when I could make it on tho!

i hope to see more of these types of events

It was awesome!!

I’d like there to be different event weekends like the double xp…for example, double gathering xp since this xp/wep xp didn’t work for gathering so maybe logging/mining/harvesting ect could use a double xp weekend…then same goes for a crafting xp bonus weekend. Another weekend could be double faction rep/tokens or double expertise rates weekend. They could do many more cool weekend events like this, i look forward to more! <3

Or just be true double XP and all xp earned is doubled… This way you wouldn’t have super crowded areas. I couldn’t get good weapon xp because everyone was fighting in all the good locations. If it was double everything, more people would be spread out around the map instead of in hot points that get over-crowded.

I’m pretty sure I could get faster weapon XP before the double XP weekend because there were more mobs of monsters to fight.

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