Doubt about the dungeon finder that is about to be implemented

Currently the orbs have a cost for those who create them, it is not exaggerated but it is not cheap either, so in the recruitment chat a price is set to be able to participate in each expedition and thus reimburse the gold that the person who made the orb spent, do you plan to add any tab to request gold in exchange for a place in the expedition if the owner of the orb so wishes?

I really hope they don’t.
The pay-per-group in New World is one of the most disgusting habits I have ever seen in any MMO.
Hopefully they will change it so that starting expeditions is free, but using a tuning orb gives you better loot.


Same. Absolutely terrible trend in dungeon running. The cost is not and never has been anywhere near what people actually charge. There’s never been a good justification for it other than greed.

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Yes, I understand your point of view, personally it does not bother me that they charge you gold for a place in an expedition, because if they charge me 300-500 gold, I will recover it in the same expedition with the bonus of the loot and the experience that they can give me, and if I’m the one who makes the orb, I’m only interested in recovering the cost of the material I use.
I only have that doubt because I think if they don’t add that tab, orb owners just won’t use the group finder because they won’t even get the orb costs.
As a player, I’d rather stand in line and wait for someone who does have an orb to use the finder without investing anything.
But as you say, if the orb system is removed or becomes optional, then that tab would be meaningless.
(sry about my english)

Hello LeonRauss, the Dev team values player feedback on subjects like this, especially things that are going through changes. I will make sure to get this sent up to them so they can have a look at this discussion. Would love to hear what other players think as well. Take care!

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At least on Aaru EU Central nobody charges for Dungeon runs anymore …

Very few try to do this, but ending up offering it for free because nobody would want to pay for it.

I believe they intend to make orbs into bonus loot when they launch the dungeon finder instead of the actual key to get in.

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Thanks for the reply!!! I love the expeditions, especially leading them and creating the orbs, but even though the creation cost is moderate (I mean the costs when they are created in stonecutting), I don’t think it’s fair that only 1 player pays the total cost of the orb of an expedition where the whole group is going to benefit, that’s why I’m personally interested in that tab.

That would be awesome too, but if the team does that hopefully the bonuses are good enough to make it tempting to create those orbs.

They briefly spoke about it in the dev video that had a roadmap.

Originally Orbs were a pain and expensive to craft (were not available from faction vendor), hence people started to charge to get back the costs or creating it. One could still argue they charged to much even then.

Now its just really a greed thing.

I think the fix is that the orbs need to go the way of the “dinosaur”. I agree with most of the group here the charging for running is ridiculous. The gold from the bosses and mobs should more than cover your costs for crafting the orb.

I have several other worries about the expedition finder, like people farming bosses for a specific item and then leaving the group high and dry or people saying they will tank or heal to get in the group quickly and then switch and the rest of the team being forced to kick them and that having negative repercussions for kicking group members (like a bad Yelp review or something). These are all negative aspects of the WoW version. I hope AGS can overcome them.

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