Doubts regarding the transfer between "Return to Aeternum" and fresh start servers

Recently a streamer stated that characters created on the “Return to Aeternum” server could not be transferred to the “Fresh Start” servers.

I would like to know if this information is correct, or if the transfer of characters from the “Return to Aeternum” servers (Titan, Death, Overlord, Dracul) to the “Fresh Start” servers (Nomad, Artorius, Devourer, Sentinel, Cleopatra, Jupiter, etc) will be possible when they are released for transfer.

In short, players, in general, want to know two things:

  1. Will we be able to transfer FROM R2A servers TO FRESH START servers?
  2. Will we be able to transfer FROM FRESH START servers TO R2A servers?

P.S.: Our doubts does not includes any legacy server.

@Aenwyn Can you help, please?

R2A are considered Fresh Start servers, so it falls under this question in our FAQ:

Q: Can players in Fresh Start Worlds transfer to another Fresh Start World?

A: Not at this time.


when will I be able to create a new character on an already full fresh star server?

please change this so that fresh start servers including RTA servers can transfer into other fresh start servers!


You guys NEED to allow transfers from event to FSS IMMEDIATELY after event. You are insulting your returning players in a MASSIVE way by not allowing this. I will just quit again instantly. 100%.

Why the HECK would I want to to play on a legacy server or a merged server with 50% armorcrafters!?!?!?!?



Check out the top comment on the events reddit post:

I’m unsure why you think a random reddit commenter would know more than the community manager.

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Im not sure why you think I think that?

I’d like to see an official post from any AGS employee stating that RTA servers are considered “Legacy”.

I assumed this is what you were referring to in the top comment. (which is objectively false, as seen above)

Ok I am obviously confused Jake. I am not trying to be a jerk or a shitposter. Help me out here. What the person said that you just quoted isnt correct? I thought it lined up with what AGS said.

At no point has AGS referred to the event servers as legacy servers.

As Aenwyn wrote above, they will be treated as normal Fresh Start servers once the event is completed.

She then clarified that the normal transfer rules for those servers will apply. Right now, transfers are entirely disabled. They will most likely be enabled at some point in the future.


I’d argue that they have to be enabled at some point in the NEAR future. Some population counts on regular fresh start servers are already fairly low and AGS knows that the player experience on low-pop servers is terrible. Many of their systems literally break down, especially due to no cross-server game modes.

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Ok. THank you for clarifying. Doesnt really change anything about my motivation to make this post, or my hopes that they will allow transfers if its within their power. And doesnt change the perceived mood of the returning players in the event (this last one being my opinion).

And I’m not saying it should! I just think that’s a very important distinction. Getting the facts straight is important as well.

I hope that transfers are enabled for Fresh Start servers as well.

Yes agreed. I am def not trying to be a spreader of false information. Was just trying to communicate a mood that is shared at least between me, people I am playing with on the server, and this random redditor and the people who upvoted him.

The most broken thing on low pop servers are the economy. All cities actually looses money because the upkeep and upgrade costs are way more expensive then the income. Which makes millions of gold leave the economy every week.


Hello Aeternum dwellers and welcome to the forums @jonasdahlmand30,

I thank you all for sharing your ideas and thoughts in this thread but I heavily suggest against replying on top of posts marked as resolved in order to avoid having yours overlooked.

I understand the points you make and remind you that you can share your thoughts and feelings in the Feedback section of the forums or you can also submit your valuable feedback In-Game by doing the following:

1- Press “Esc”, select Game Menu, and then Submit Feedback.
2- Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then select Submit.

Hope this helps and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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