Down 40k people from last 24 hour peak

Last time I checked 24 hour peak it was at 513k, now it’s at 470k. Massive oof


Still 470k more players than your MMO.


Oh no! Anyway gonna return to chopping trees.

This obsession with peak players means nothing. Plenty of countries including my own has vacation week right now fx. and people will quit, then return. Rince repeat eternal cycle.

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wow has millions of paying subscriptions, whos gonna tell this guy?

Used to have millions.

I highly doubt they have that many currently.

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Yet you literally don’t have to do any of that, and buy most of your gear if you want. Just selling what you harvest. And because of that scheme the bottem tier mats don’t lose value as you advance.

Why do people insist on using concurrency like this?

Here’s some facts for you:

  • launch week numbers inflated by afk wall runners trying to beat the queue while at work or sleeping
  • numbers inflated by afk players in queue while working/sleeping
  • numbers further inflated by people taking time off work to spend getting into the game

Now what do we have?
A few weeks have passed, Afk kick timers means it’s pointless to leave the game running to avoid a queue.
Because the queues are smaller, people don’t need to leave the game running while AFK to be able to play at all when they do get home.
People who nolifed the game while on a work holiday are now burned put on the game and/or returned to work.
People have hit cap and no longer feel the need to log in every day.

All of this combines to reduce daily peak concurrency numbers.
Its why MMOs tend to use sub numbers, Active Player Count or total accounts as their success metrics.

Game is buy to play. There are a lot of people who no life for content drops and then burn out before coming back.

The real indicators for trouble is the server count.
If they’re not merging servers at all, it means the active player count of servers are high enough to justify leaving them as they are.

Wait until server merges start happening and then we’ll see the true player count, since we know the server caps in general.

So ppl dosnt enjoy copy&paste quests and map designs? What a heck… i remember games from 90s there was so many copy&paste and was ok. :wink: Oh… i forgot… its pvp game… :smiley:

World of Warcraft 5 Year Subscriber Stats - MMO Populations & Player Counts (

People wait for Servertansfers easy as that

Why are some people so hung up on these statistics? It’s like you purposely monitor these things and come here eagerly wanting and waiting for the game to fail. What’s wrong with you? Got nothing better to do with your time? Why not try and have some fun for a change? Like by, I dunno… playing the game? Geez!


They stopped reporting subs around WOD. So thats not actually accurate.

I know that’s why the site stats say estimated.

They stopped reporting subs because they couldn’t make good enough excuses to the public as to why sub numbers were crashing lol.

They used to shove sub numbers down everyone’s throat to “prove” they were the best MMO.

And then Cata/WoD happened and the playerbase dropped the game, sub numbers never recovered and XIVs subs started creeping up on them.

They won’t reveal actual numbers because it embarrasses them XD

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this happen when the streamers are out, good for us

ever considerd that ppl might have a life outside gaming so they dont play every day?

Fun fact:

All games have the highest peak of players when a game is brand new. As time goes on the number gets lower until a major update, patch, or expansion.

Hopefully it was all the people whining on every topic that quit.

But why would THAT be something that does that for them when it is completely optional? This is a semi-sandbox type game. If you don’t want to craft you actually don’t have to. You can just sell all of that stuff and buy what you want.

Why would anyone quick over an optional aspect of the game? That is like if I quit BDO because of sailing even though I don’t have to participate in that part of that game at all.

With all these game-breaking bugs and the huge issue with the economy, you gonna see this number go down pretty fast.

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