Down time warning

So in regards to the downtime this morning.

I think a one hour warning for a four hour downtime kinda sucks a LOT. If i hadnt had a bad dream about snakes and woke up with my alarm it would have been around now hoping to do some iron grinding. This downtime would have been truly awful, and im sure im not the onpy one with free time this early hoping to do gathering.

I get and even support downtimes around this early but a LOT more warning the one hour should be given. At least in my opinion.

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This doesn’t seem to be a huge update just a quick fix for bugs. Most likely they just started working on this yesterday or day before and were gonna roll this fix out fast as possible before any more bug abuse happens.

Once the game becomes more stable and updates that actually bring new stuff we will have 24/12H warnings. Seen this with most MMOs in the beginning.

Yup! Need more notice!

Additionally, why do the patch when people play before work. Patch during work hours. Servers are separated into regions. Just do it from 8-12 or 1-5 on that region’s time zone.


Makes sense, but the time window still annoys me.

I mean im sure they started work on many of the things getting chamged before yesterday. Id put money on AGS knowing this would be good by end of the day yesterday, which would be a 12 hour warning for this downtime. Plenty of warning.

What do you mean patch during work hours? They already are, I’m at work!


Not an expert on servers, but it is much easier to take down everything and roll out the update then just take groups out and update them first then others. Always remember AWS is a US company so their workday just started while EU and Asia have been up for a while.

Fair point about ease of doing all at once.

Then, do it during their workday schedule. I just want to be able to play before work in the mornings.

It is pretty simple, AGS has chosen Steam to handle the Client side.
Steam only pushes updates worldwide at the same time.
So when Steam pushes 1.01 ALL servers need to be ready for the new clients.

Well I understand the US/EU time difference and while it sucks 4 hours downtime in the middle of the day is better than prime time evening.

But I’ve been online for about 16 to 17 hours yesterday. A little warning that this is coming would’ve been nice to plan ahead

I don’t mind the 1 hour warning too much. I’m more concerned that they don’t give us a countdown at like 30mins, 15 mins, and so on. They also cut the servers 15 minutes early. They were 15 - 20 minutes late a few days ago. The download on Steam was only 170mbs. Why is it 4 hour downtime? Those are some of the things that concern me a bit more. Not a big deal, time for breakfast and maybe a walk.

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Big problem is the timing of this down, from 12.00 to 4 pm? Seriously?
All normal game developers make this during late night!!!

Exactly Fun4Every1, I logged on after the one hour warning so missed the fact the server was coming down. They should institute a 15 minute, 10 minute and 5 minute warning system like other MMO’s

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