Downtime 90min just for music event

Are you seriosly doing a 90min downtime only to solve event bug? What about azoth and transfers? Pls @Aenwyn


donwtime on weekend primetime… what to say


That’s ok the servers are still up, so play until they decide what timezone or fixes they implement…

Its to fix dungeon bosses not dropping bags too. I went on a couple temp runs and the bag drop rated seemed around half, with a couple bosses that always drop loot never dropping loot.

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lame as fuck they do it in prime time

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Are you guys crying that they patch things? Were you fed with the shovel in your childhood or is it something you have developed recently?


This just lets me speed run The event faction if it resets that would be my 7th time getting the town gifts.

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I’m confused it said the servers were supposed to be down 30mins ago but it’s still up lol

Soooo…good to know someone there knows how to tell time. NOT!

IMO, they can take the game down anytime they want to fix some bugs. I’d be up for daily patches if they could pull it off without making things worse.

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Is the Azoth bug you are referring to that you can’t use it to gain more? I seriously thought I was doing something wrong now and that they changed how you consume it lol.

Totally agree with this. If anything just a server reset to keep things running smoothly. Eve reset every day at the same time and rarely had server issues.

Greetings Adventurers, We will be taking 1.5 hours (~90 minutes) downtime today at 2022-07-30T21:00:00Z (UTC). Please find the list of fixes below: Summer Medleyfaire Event Made several adjustments to help with issues impacting the “Maudlinbug Haze” and “Speading the Cheer” event quests: The …

they’ve changed it to 2100 hours not 1700 as stated before (9pm instead of 5pm)

90min to put an item in the store =)) in 2022…

And there are games since 2012 that run patches with servers running, only thing you have to do is to restart game once you done with whatever you do in game & update and start play…

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The bosses not dropping loot is a pretty serious bug. I’m glad its being fixed now rather than Tuesday. Should of been fixed last night though at like Midnight PST.

NW/AGS is running an old, outdated gamming program from the early 2000’s, it’s been noted/discussed and complained about in multiple previous threads, no responses from any of the team of course. Does…does this REALLY surprise you with how NW is already being ran?

Some people cant progress the quest.

They would have to fix the corruption breaches not spawning for a whole day after a restart :joy:

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Totally agree !!! It must be a joke , stop all servers on prime time during a weekend to fix some music issue… its a joke !!! And what about azoth the whole crafting system is down because some dev MADE A MISTAKE , and all the players are bein punished because of that… as i said before to suspend azoth u guys should give an alternative like , NO TRAVEL COST
NO CRAFT COST and others…

Some of you all are just wacko. Take the 90 minutes to stock up on twinkies and mt. dew…this downtime is not just for music as the op implies. It is for another serious bug with dungeon drops. Glad they are fixing it instead of waiting tbh. But thats right, doesnt effect you so it is BS. lol