Downtime 90min just for music event

Some of you all are just wacko. Take the 90 minutes to stock up on twinkies and mt. dew…this downtime is not just for music as the op implies. It is for another serious bug with dungeon drops. Glad they are fixing it instead of waiting tbh. But thats right, doesnt effect you so it is BS. lol

is it back online yet

Not yet.

but it’s 97 mins now.

tracking down time for US east was pinged at 500 pm with down time of 90 minutes. in game log in showing a 600 pm start time. so is it up soon or did they falsely state the first down time and it just started 39 min ago?

They pushed the start of the down time from 5pm to 6pm eastern (in game message). Only been down 40min so far.

know what is hilarious is that i just posted the discrepancy and the in game message in the log on screen is now gone lol

you got to be shitting me… so the real down time is 90+90, 180… 3 hours.

what people are saying is that they in game messaged a 5 pm down and it never happened

the blog post says 5pm EST down as well… so it’s not just ingame.

Servers are up now.

500 waitlist… ridiculous.

Which is a bunch of crap for those of us thst logged out for the 5 pm patch just to come back and find they pushed it out and now another 1 1/2 out during prime time.

Yeah they didn’t even get the azoth vials working. What a joke.

This is a on par for AGS - release another gold dupe, and ignore the Azoth vial problem.

I’m guessing by EOY this game will be with the rest of AGS’s attempts at creating games (ie: shut down)

Don’t fix something on the weekends and hear the same complainants. They’ll never win.

Do it at 3 am… not 6, seriously? It’s like shutting down the highway during rush hour… just redic

or maybe take a 1 hour and 30min break. lay down in sofa and watch a movie. then take a piss and a drink. then maintaince is over. :smiling_face:

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