Downtime how long

How long is the downtime for this patch today ?

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I really hope this patch finally fixes the Server Transfer Active Trades bug. I haven’t been able to transfer out for almost a month now. If this Patch doesn’t fix that bug i’m done with this game. Haven’t been able to play with my friends in almost a month as they all xfered out but me cause of this stupid bug.

The server transfers are working again already. I transferred yesterday no issues

Lucky you! Unfortuantely the Bug is still present for me. Just tried right before servers went down to apply the patch…No Active Trades but still says i have some.

Im hoping this patch fixes the pillar of fire spell and other issues with the spells for fire staff and ice gauntlet :crossed_fingers:

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Apparently they have fixed ice storm.

What was the issue with pillar of fire ?

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Similar to the ice issue. The AOE would only trigger once. Also the initial hit would miss a majority of the time.

This patch (1.04) feels bad because I’m Gaxe + Hatchet main…so I will be happy to see my build no longer the Meta in these OPR hah.

Expect to see alot more of you casters out and about when these bugs get resolved.

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