Downtime meme collection to have fun and pass time

welp back to Assassins creed Valhalla for me then till new world is back

Well here we again are hope its a short fix this am until then i’ll just chill here

Just a brief restart, I’d say 15-30mins. Luckily at this time there are not a lot of people playing, so logging back in should be instant. :blush:


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Wait people still play this game? I literally was coming back after 8 months of not playing and boom servers down ;(

Yeah I’m sure its for some simple stuff they’re correcting, thats why i came back to waste some time

So hows everyone’s questing going?

Then call it what it is…server restarts take less than 10 minutes. Hotfixes take longer.

Im lierally just coming back after 8 months of not playing… Im lost again :frowning: lol

Servers back up soon tho! So lots of fun stuff to do! :wink:

Depends on the server some take longer some take less my dell’s take about 10 min but they’re mine and not dependent on other stuff, firewalls, load balancers, etc… for all we know the message could be they need to restart the load balancer but call it server restart for the uninitiated who knows?

Anyway Im here to just waste time and look/create memes till i can kill the Halloween boss and get some loot!

its back up now

OK they’re up see all you guys next time!!!

servers up!

hehe downtime hehe again

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Do we know how long the downtime will last today?

3h official, but unofficial more that 3h…



Thanks for the answer!
Were has this been announced? I can’t seem to find anything.

Why does it always have to be us suffering in the downtime :frowning: